Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr

Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr


if i die, destroy my hard drive.

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  • Jim Rennie posted 1363 days ago

    Jim Rennie

    What happened to St Purrrrrr?

  • Taylor TwoTimes posted 1407 days ago

    Taylor  TwoTimes


  • Dallas Cowboy posted 1443 days ago

    Dallas Cowboy


  • Axel posted 1460 days ago


    Why the name change? Nooooo it had become a B/R staple!

    Not a fan of this, bro. Not one bit :(

  • Riley Blair posted 1494 days ago

    Riley Blair

    You said there was a more eloquent way to declare the skills of Brandon Thatch. So I went with the classy rhyme scheme of Brandon Thatch wets my snatch

  • Riley Blair posted 1496 days ago

    Riley Blair

    Sorry bout that, I think my reply may have gotten your comment deleted.

  • Brian Oswald posted 1505 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Glad you approve of the Chad Dundas hire. Anyone else out there we should go after?!

  • Jed Sharpe posted 1566 days ago

    Jed Sharpe

    Wow,Thanks. Your reply completely changed my view of that fight I am excited to see how are Cdn, Rookie comes in on short notice to come in and take on a guy who was going to fight a seasoned veteran to the octagon.. going to be a good a night a few weeks to go and we are there!

  • Jed Sharpe posted 1571 days ago

    Jed Sharpe

    Ah man late to get to yeah but it sucks we lost the Mark Bocek fight. I think the main card is going to be really good. John Makedessi fight will be good to see

  • Jed Sharpe posted 1592 days ago

    Jed Sharpe

    Yep! and COME ONE Houston sells that card out in 3 days and every ones flabbergasted ? Send a card like that too toronto ( not in the rogers centre ) and well eat it up twice as fast!! i mean 166 prelims are even some thing to look forward to. granted the final card of 165 is not bad and has some guaranteed exciting fights!