Rob Morrow

Rob Morrow


My name is Rob Morrow. I am a Central Illinois native, a proud omnivore, a software developer by day and when the sun goes down I morph into a musical ninja. I am skeptical of religion, the government, and most news reporting agencies; they make me feel funny in weird places. I drink copious quantities of coffee and green tea; neither is particularly enlightening. I’m generous in sharing the covers and I always give one last kiss before I leave. I heart the solitude of peace and quiet, yet my figurative claddagh ring is blissfully turned inward. I have no reflection as a result of a bizarre bedroom encounter. I believe the answer to life, happiness and the universe is 42. My name, translated literally, means “bright fame,” which I find to be ridiculously scandalous. I have a perpetual fever that doctors have prescribed large doses of cowbell in hopes of curing; it’s working. I am diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder and as such my brain is constantly underworked and overpaid. Additionally, because of my lazy brain I occasionally don’t finish a sente… I dislike seafood and enjoy most vegetables. I had a ceramic guard dog named Spenis, who has been tragically replaced with a magical cat named Vera. I am in love with this cat but admit she was more than likely a callgirl in a previous incarnation.

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  • Alex Levy posted 3507 days ago

    Alex Levy

    Hey Rob
    Saw you editing my Open Mic article. All good afterall it appears in the Open Mic page so all improvements are welcome there. I see you liked it so that's even kooler we seemed to have disagreed on a couple of things before... Anyways feel free to leave some comments in the thread if you need. If not thanks again. Alex