Chris Lenz

Chris Lenz


I'm a Cleveland native living in Columbus. I graduated from college with a degree in music theory, and now sell ice cream. As an avid sports fan and a voracious reader, I figured it's time to try my hand at writing.

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  • Bryan Trafford posted 3451 days ago

    Bryan Trafford

    thats great. I love reading new boxing articles. I can't wait to have a thriving boxing page on here. I also can't wait for the day every article doesn't have to be about Oscar De La Hoya to get read, either.

  • Bryan Trafford posted 3461 days ago

    Bryan Trafford

    Chris, if boxing is dead, how come everybody is reading these darn boxing articles? lol

  • Bryan Trafford posted 3484 days ago

    Bryan Trafford

    another good article Chris. I really appreciate your help on the boxing page, I thought I was gonna be a one man page for a min there.

    Looks like everyone took my boxing is not dead, just dead in the US comment and ran with it. lol.

    at least your article was a hit!

  • John Lombard posted 3485 days ago

    John Lombard

    Hey Chris thanks very much for the Pick of the Day Vote!

  • Bryan Trafford posted 3493 days ago

    Bryan Trafford

    good job on your rundown of the classes. I hope you contribute more to the boxing page in the future!

  • Ken Armer posted 3539 days ago

    Ken Armer

    It's all good, i've learned a good picture for an article can make a difference to the article and your article deserved a good pic for plenty of reads.