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  • Tre Gulley posted 1588 days ago

    Tre Gulley

    Depends on which comment you might be talking about.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1670 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hi Conor! Sorry for the late response, man.

    I am not returning as a regular writer unfortunately. I just don't really have the time in all honesty. My goal right now is to do one or two articles a month, but even that will be hard for me to do. I'll definitely do my very best, though.

    Yeah the Malaga issue is a huge embarrassment. What's the point of buying, but not investing in the team? Why buy star players and just not pay them? It makes no sense and makes me wonder what kind of corruption could have been there.

    Thanks for reaching out, Conor. I always enjoy talking Spanish football with you.



  • Alex KTK posted 1712 days ago

    Alex  KTK

    Hey Conor, I don't always check that other account so I don't see your responses. Would you post on my new account next time, amigo? Thanks.

    I think the big two will always be strong, but that's it. No other club has the financial power or draw to get to an elite level and stay there.

    The EPL was more competitive before because of how they share wealth so much better. That simply isn't happening in Spain and by the time a truly fair TV deal comes into place, it may be too late for most teams. I hope for the best, but the reality is grim now and in the immediate future.

    The EPL does prove that money doesn't bring success, but at least it brings stability. In Spain the 3-6 teams are all in financial turmoil and have to sell their big stars almost every season. England doesn't have it quite that bad. Even clubs that sell (like Arsenal) are still in great financial shape and don't HAVE to sell just to make payments like La Liga's second tier clubs.

    I think the EPL is HIGHLY overrated and a product of great global marketing as much as truly great league-wide football, but La Liga has given special treatment for Barcelona and Madrid for so long that it may have already killed the chance of having a third REAL contender for the next decade. Time will tell, of course.

  • Alex KTK posted 1717 days ago

    Alex  KTK

    I think Spain will continue to have loads of talent, but I don't think it will stay in La Liga. Only a handful of teams can even keep their debt payments under control so the best young players will have to go to another league unless Barca or Madrid want them.

    I think Germany are about to take over in terms of NT strength, but only barely and Spain are still number 1.

  • Dan Riaz posted 1717 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Alright? :)

  • Alex KTK posted 1722 days ago

    Alex  KTK

    Actually my other account got messed up and I couldn't post anything. Not sure what happened so I just made a second account.

    I saw your comment on that other account just now, though. What are you referring to? I honestly think you may be thinking of someone else. I have negative feelings of La Liga than most people and know that other leagues are in an incline while we're declining. I've always said La Liga's "era" wouldn't last long at all. Not sure what you meant by that comment...

  • Junior Yanez posted 1730 days ago

    Junior Yanez

    How about them Germans. Notorious chokers, aren't they?

  • Michael Cerna posted 1791 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Yep, I left on February 1st. I really appreciate the well wishes. I may not write too often, but feel free to contact me any time. Cheers, Conor. :-)

  • Michael Cerna posted 1855 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thanks, Conor. Hm, is Villa actually leaving, though? If so, I don't expect it until the summer to be honest. Not sure where he'd go, though. I doubt Valencia or Levante could afford him, but Los Che could really use him for sure.

    Hm great article idea! I'll get that out in January.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1864 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thanks for the fan add, Conor. :-)