Eric Pruitt

Eric Pruitt


I love sports. Formula One is the most technical/innovative racing period. It's torture when the winter break comes and there is no racing of any kind on TV.

My first sport I loved was Soccer, I started playing for fun when I was in kindergarten, then the next year had my parents sign me up for AYSO, after that I was hooked and played for 9 years. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Soccer, and I love the MLS (LA Galaxy) and the English Premiere League.

Of course I love football (I'm American) I love the Raiders, and I pray to have a winning season, it's been 10 years since we've been better than .500!

I used to love Baseball, but have fallen out of love with it. It's hard to stay involved as I used to be when you're a Cubs fan like myself.

My other love growing up and still is Basketball. I remember being 6 years old with my neighbor across the street playing basketball from 9 a.m. until it got dark and our parents called us in the house. It was the best, and all we did was play basketball, look at our basketball card's and pretend to be playing the other teams. We were always the Bulls, and we had huge hate for the Lakers and Pistons. I've been a Bulls fan ever since then, and stuck with them even after the Jordan years. There were a few rough seasons, but since that were redeemed by Derrick Rose (if only he could stay healthy!).

I love boxing ever since I first saw Mike Tyson dominate. I remember in 2005 watching HBO and seeing this young wild Filipino kid being so fast, and have power along with the speed. It was Pacquiao/Morales I in which Erik Morales won by a close yet unanimous decision. After that I was a fan of Pacquiao though, just seeing his fighting style. My cousin and I were so excited when the Pacquiao/Morales II was announced, this was Pacquiao at his best. This was an all out brawl! The 2 trading punches back and forth the entire fight, then in the 10th knocked out Erik Morales for the first time in the Mexican legend's career. Then the 3rd fight between them was all Pacquiao, when Pacman knocked Morales down twice and then the 3rd time I can still hear Jim Lampley say, "Erik Morales shakes his head as if to say I want no more!" That was the fight that put Pacquiao on the map, and now he's a legend.

As you can see I love sports, all sports of every kind. I'm always looking forward to the dramatics, and memorable moments that sport will give me and the world, and I always want to experience it as it happens. Sports brings people together, and gives you a reason to relate to someone you would almost never have anything in common with.

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