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Formerly Al NamiasIV.

I'm an Iowa Hawkeye fan that was born in New York City, grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Pittsburgh and is currently living in Madison, Wisconsin.

Furthermore, there are three words I won't use in reference to football: Leaders, Legends and "stud." The former two are in reference to the Big Ten's division names and the latter is in reference to some people confusing human beings with horses.

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  • Darrin Cline posted 1953 days ago

    Darrin Cline

    Thanks. That just seems crazy for how much they play.

  • Thom Burns posted 1959 days ago

    Thom Burns

    Couple of journalism/grammar housekeeping items: People, including players and coaches, are "who," not "that." And it's never "towards" (plural), but the singular "toward." I know, they're nit-picky. But it may mean the difference between "good" and "great." Keep up the good writing.

  • Doug Sellars posted 2003 days ago

    Doug Sellars

    I'm dreaming a bit here but, how much improved would the Hawkeyes be with Silas Redd starting at running back and Jordan Hill on the defensive line? Redd alone would make Iowa's offense much more dangerous. Hill would push our defensive line from questionable to respectable. Thoughts?

  • Doug Sellars posted 2080 days ago

    Doug Sellars

    David, I'm hoping you can shed some light on a topic that bothers me more and more every year. Every year the Hawkeye football team competes at a fairly high level with recruits that are considered average to a bit above average. And each year (especially this year) I read articles that show Iowa's impressive ability to turn those guys into NFL draft picks. As I sit here and read about the top recruits, I rarely see serious interest in Iowa and I'm dumbfounded. I understand that Iowa isn't the sexiest (form of Ferentz term that I hate) of destinations but, are the kids and their advisors not getting the message that Iowa can send you to the NFL? Kid's that come out of Iowa have a great reputation with the NFL and I can only think that if the staff can turn a 2-3 star kid into a 1st round draft pick, that a player who is more polished could excel even further. I look at the commitments to other schools and see two or three of the top players at one position committed. Are these kids so arrogant that they are blind to the reality that they step onto campus with stiff competition for their entire career (See USC's running backs a few years ago)? Not to mention the players ahead and those coming behind them. Whereas, if they go to a school that has 1 or no other commits at their position, they have a better chance of starting early. I'd say that it could be our crappy winter weather, or maybe subpar facilities but, Michigan and Ohio State's weather is equally as bad, and Iowa is building a brand new set of facilities. Iowa's fans are crazy about their team, the stadium is rocking every saturday, the academics at Iowa are very competitive, and downtown Iowa City is surprisingly active. What gives?

  • Ken Kraetzer posted 2330 days ago

    Ken Kraetzer

    David: Do you take your own pictures? I try to use my own whenever possible covering Army. West Point is an hour from my office so I can only get to an occasional practice. Best, Ken

  • G D posted 2338 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man.

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2340 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    David! It's good to re discover you, with the name change and all.

    Onaje Miller (TrF) is gone, not at MSU, released.

    Baker can not stay healthy, he has a bad hamstring. Caper will emerge this year and so will Nick Hill.

    Dion Sims will make lots of big plays at TE.

    Go Hawks!

  • Turk Steffens posted 2346 days ago

    Turk Steffens

    P.S.- Do you remember Matt Hughes? He came into Nate Kaeding's restaurant [Shorts Burgers & Shine, just down from Iowa Book & Supply] & recognized me as this HUGE Hawkeye fan at Facebook. LOL!

  • Turk Steffens posted 2346 days ago

    Turk Steffens

    I thought maybe you changed your name here. Are you on the "lam" from the law??? LOL Just kidding! :-) Go Hawks!

  • Thom Burns posted 2368 days ago

    Thom Burns

    Al: Love your Hawkeye coverage. But dude, people and players get the personal pronoun "who." They're not "players that show potential" etc. It's "players WHO..." Same goes for coaches.