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  • Dave Demare posted 109 days ago

    Dave Demare

    Wilson is exceptional. So is Rogers. However, if Seattle had GB's defense, and Rogers had Seattle's, Green Bay and Rogers win it all last year. Let's do a mind experiment. Give Wilson a torn calf. Restrict him only to the pocket. Take away all his run capacity and threat, even his evasiveness. Then, have him play against his own defense and see what would happen. He is great. Rogers is great! However, do not underestimate the superior team defense he has to help his team win. The final word: if Rogers is not the best Packer, every game, GB loses. Wilson's had several subpar performances in the second half of this last season and Seattle still won their games. Remember, the lesson is taught by Buffalo defeating Green Bay this year.

  • Nathan Morris posted 529 days ago

    Nathan Morris

    As one of the "respected" "Hawk fan commentators, Thought you'd enjoy this and help get the word out.
    Check out these great tunes just for Seahawk fans.
    "Sweet Home Field Advantage" could last forever. YouTube has a video for "What does the Hawk say" that'll drive the "other" fans crazy!