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  • Ginny Apple posted 533 days ago

    Ginny Apple

    Hi David,
    Wow, I never saw your response regarding the OU David Persons. Are you at the Star-Telegram now? If so, do you know my old college buddy Vince Langford (I'm sure you do). He was at OU's student newspaper with David and me. If you were at the Star Telegram in the 70s (you don't look old enough to have been) did you know Wilma Wirt? She was my mentor and a large part of my confidence factor that helped me be one of the first full-time women sportswriters in the country.

    Guess you're gearing up for the Big Dance. I'm in Hartford, CT area now. Everyone is bemoaning the breakup of the Big East. I was in the thick of it when I was a sportswriter in Hartford (1975-87).

    Thanks for the info on the OU David.

    Enjoy the basketball!

    Ginny Apple

  • Matthew F posted 732 days ago

    Matthew F

    David, good to know I’m not the only one that couldn’t find anything.

    Although we may not agree on everything, I’m always looking forward to reading your comments. It’s always refreshing reading what someone has to say with reasoning and realistic thought, regardless of whether I agree or not. This is what makes college football so exciting!

    I actually haven’t graduated yet, to be completely honest with you. My interests are way too broad and I keep stacking on additional majors – maybe I’ll graduate from college eventually. I’m actually not even of the drinking age either, so we should probably pick something else to wager! How about... If Texas loses, I’ll take a picture of myself wearing a TCU shirt at the next Thanksgiving game and show it to you for evidence. The only reason why I have so many years at NASA JSC is because I started formal research at a very young age and was noticed at a science conference. I started my formal education at an early age so that response to Lionel suggests I’m much older than I actually am. I do share the same feeling though on lying about academic credentials. I tried checking back at the article but I guess the author removed the responses.

    Either way I’m glad you feel the same way. I have much respect for many of the posters on these B/R boards and I stepped in when Lionel insulted ‘jay l’ on the board. I’m used to individuals trolling on the internet, but I can’t help but become annoyed when a respectable individual sharing a reasoned response becomes the target of unnecessary insult on these boards in particular.

    I’m very happy with the addition of TCU to the conference. You guys really have a solid team and I’m sure the Horned Frogs will have a great season. Outside of 2010, I’m more worried about this Thanksgiving game than any other in memory. Good luck this year! I’m sure it will be a wild and bumpy ride for all of us.

  • Alex Ballentine posted 755 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Thanks David, I appreciate the compliment on my writing (unless you meant you read it and figured if I could do it anyone could haha!) It'll be nice to have another writer writing about TCU. I'm an MMA Featured columnist and work with the Trends and Traffic team so I don't get to write about the Frogs as much as I'd like.

    That's awesome you're going to some games. As a misplaced TCU fan in Ohio, I don't get to see them in person very often but I did serve as a ball boy when I was in high school when the team played in Cincinnati. I have tickets to the West Virginia game this year so I'm hoping to make that a bi-yearly tradition.

    I don't know if they can win the title but I certainly hope so, Big 12 is wide open the way I see it.

    Like I said, I look forward to reading more of your stuff and if you ever have any questions or anything don't hesitate to contact me! Go Frogs!

  • Alex Ballentine posted 756 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Hey David, see you're writing articles on here now—pretty cool! I look forward to reading more of your stuff and hope you're as pumped for this season of Frogs football as I am!

  • Ginny Apple posted 774 days ago

    Ginny Apple

    Hey David, just ran across your name here in the Bleacher Report and wondered if you are the David Persons I worked with on The Oklahoma Daily during the early 70s? If so, how the heck are you and what are you doing these days? Ginny Apple

  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 783 days ago


    @David: You strike me as a hail-fellow albeit a bit wordy.

    -Pink Elephant Cult meetings? Does it cost to join?
    -moral compass? ebay is out of stock, can't find one
    -"most insecure, arrogant, self-absorbed group of deluded" Got to throw a flag here:that by definition is an ad hominem attack maybe even a tirade?
    - "eccentric opinion" was mine first so you can't throw it back on me.

    My good man, I see you want stats? A professor of mine once told me you can prove anything with stats. "Statically the safest place in a thunderstorm is on top of the courthouse steeple because no one has ever been killed up there in a thunderstorm." *

    I get the whole conspiracy thing and yes Alabama peps are vocal because we are on top right now and really what better time than when your on top. I say enjoy it cause nothing like this last ... see ND, Miami etc

    About what Alabama claims is up for debate but as long as they didn't award themselves a NC I can't blame them for accepting one from some organization. Also keep in mind that others schools were also awarded NC under the same rules ( the all things being equal argument )

    We are happy having that glass football and when people criticized us we just say " look how pretty and shiny it is"

    Roll Tide My Good Man
    * I would credit him but can not recall his name.

  • Joe Penkala posted 784 days ago

    Joe Penkala

    David, glad you enjoy the articles and don't worry about the comments in my article, I understand. I appreciate the support and feel free to follow me on twitter @joepenkala as I always interact on there with followers as well

  • Austin Lotspeich posted 785 days ago

    Austin Lotspeich

    Cool, man! I expect to see a lot more TCU articles now. I'll spend some time working on my application, but I was also chosen as a Community Leader (still not sure what that is), so I'll see how that turns out. Congratulations, though.

  • Austin Lotspeich posted 789 days ago

    Austin Lotspeich

    No problem. Dude... We're in the Big XII, officially now. I still can't believe it...

  • Austin Lotspeich posted 791 days ago

    Austin Lotspeich

    Did you get my response?