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  • Just Jann posted 478 days ago

    Just Jann

    I didn't see any private message attached to this notice, but I'm sure this isn't the end.

  • Will posted 478 days ago


    Stay tuned.

  • Juan Dietz posted 503 days ago

    Juan Dietz

    Friday Night Lights! >> Watch for Tim Tebow playing pre season game !!

  • Will posted 539 days ago



    Oh . . . believe me . . . I get it --

    As in . . . leave the kid alone.

    Give the kid a chance.

    And . . . stop picking on the kid.


  • Stud Lee posted 567 days ago

    Stud Lee

    Trust me. If you haven't seen this, you will really like Jim Kelly. BTW, the Bills flew Tim up twice to work him out and have dinner with Kelly. They had the next pick in the NFL draft and were going to take him. Josh McDaniels knew it which is why he traded a couple picks to get him.)
    It's the video you'll appreciate.

  • Stud Lee posted 570 days ago

    Stud Lee

    Such an obnoxious interview and article, totally biased. Even the commentors were more fair.

  • Julio Jones posted 573 days ago

    Julio  Jones

    A little while ago I copied and pasted this from some article, What I''ve said is he "trusts" himself (more than some other guy) to get the TD or necessary. Whoever this author was put it a little differently:

    More than the ball itself, though, he wants the burden of having the ball in his hands and it's that burden that Tebow's speech is now trying to tease out. "I don't want to be like everyone else," he says. He presses his lips together, sets his jaw, and frowns. "I wanted to be better. If I did what everybody else did, then why would you look up to me? Why would I set an example?"

  • johnsea smit posted 573 days ago

    johnsea smit

    TEBOW not a qb.

  • Julio Jones posted 574 days ago

    Julio  Jones

    Part 3. About 4 minute mark he starts quoting Tony, Miller, etc

  • Julio Jones posted 574 days ago

    Julio  Jones

    These are great.