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  • Sir Manny posted 1343 days ago

    Sir  Manny

    Why the Nani love?

  • Abz posted 1642 days ago


    Where've you gone? Reckon Nani is leaving?

  • dc barker posted 1675 days ago

    dc barker

    Sooo Fergies gone and you have proved to be quite blunt, even about United so I am curious of what you think of that and with Moyes appointment??

  • dc barker posted 1685 days ago

    dc barker

    Well when it comes to Celtic I will admit that is a cultural thing being Irish and everything. I grew up with a Celtic jersey and watching the Celtic games with my Dad and Grand-dad so surely even you cannot begrudge me having a soft spot for Celtic.

    I do like Spurs but it would be a small conflict of interest to have another PL team in my favorite teams.

    You are really pulling at straws at the moment to try and get something out of me LOL. Its adorable! but I am getting bored with a profile thing. I prefer to at least be arguing over an article than on here where it could easily be turned personal which, is what I am suspecting you are trying to do.

    So if you want to debate or trade blows then I will see you back in the articles.

  • dc barker posted 1685 days ago

    dc barker

    Cheers for that, I didn't notice it.

    Nothing about glory. I just like watching football. Some clubs have supporters that support them because they are currently successful like you and United. Some clubs have people that support them because of the style of play they have like me and everybody on the list.

    And next from you comes a predictable "Well if you like teams that play well why are you supporting Liverpool hehe 20 20 20". Well young man if you where old enough to see John Barnes play then you would know exactly why I support Liverpool and why I also have a soft spot for the other teams I mentioned.

    Where is the bio on this page? Although be careful! Make sure you know what you are talking about on here because it could get embarrassing. Google for people like you should be like breathing.

  • dc barker posted 1685 days ago

    dc barker

    Well I am a football fan, not just a Liverpool fan. They are teams I like to watch.

    Also, its called "Favourite Sports Teams" so take note of the plural.

    I must really be annoying you if you would go as far as to comment negatively on my profile. LOL

  • emmet curran posted 1687 days ago

    emmet curran

    get a life