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Ryan Marshall


Born and raised in St. Louis. Long time fan of the Cardinals, Rams and Blues.

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  • Beer O'Clock posted 1348 days ago

    Beer O'Clock

    Hey Ryan,

    I'm not very good at checking my bulletin board. When I put my new avatar up today, I saw your message. My apologies for responding sooner.

    I'm really not much of a Facebook/twitter person so, no, I don't have a twitter account (nor Facebook).

    Really appreciate your viewpoints and the corresponding discussions. Really liked the Rams draft last night and look forward to a good year.


  • Bob Irwin posted 1487 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    Hey Ryan,
    Sorry i missed you while we were there. Had a great time. The game was fantastic. I really could have not picked a better game to fly out there to see. Hope you are feeling better. Thats our last trip for the year but i hope to come back next season. I will stay in touch…if your ever in California…..take care.

  • Bob Irwin posted 1519 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    Hey Ryan
    I tried to email you but I have a imac and more often than not my emails end up in the junk file. We are flying in at 645 Friday evening and will be staying at the Lumiere hotel till Monday morning. Planning to grab dinner close by then will be hanging out in the sports bar. It would be great too buy you a drink if you are free. My email is bob4solar41@yahoo.com or call me at 805 624-0712.
    Talk to you soon

  • Bob Irwin posted 1613 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    Hi Ryan,
    As you said we kept pretty conservative so i spent more time watching individual play vs team so i will limit my commentary to just a few observations
    1. First and foremost...Bernie Kosar is an idiot
    2. We played very loose in coverage but guys were flying to the ball....i expect that to tighten up a bit tonite.
    3. To me the competition at RB is over....loved what i saw from Richardsen and after the fumble im afraid that i have completely lost faith in Pead. If the first thing you do on the field is the main thing you have been criticized for....its a very bad sign. Stacy and Cunningham looked pretty good and i'm hoping to see Ganaway tomorrow.
    4.Losing Dunbar will hurt but.....i believe that RayRay Armstrong has a huge upside and we may see him split time with Witherspoon when the season starts which will benefit us down the road. Armstrong was going full tilt every snap he was a part of....i was impressed.
    5.Givens is going to be huge for us this year. Quick looked better, Bailey looked impressive and hoping to see something from Cook and Austin tonite....Well actually tomorrow because i dont get the game till 4pm Sunday. Thats it for now.
    Talk to you soon

  • Bob Irwin posted 1621 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    Hey Ryan,
    Great to hear from you. I want to hear your evaluation of last nights game. It airs on NFL network tomorrow morning at 4 AM so i will watch the whole game and break it down before i give you mine....all i saw were a few high and low lights....as my trip grows nearer i will have some St. Louis related questions for you. I headed for the Dodger game tonite.....i won't bring up the Cardinal series..lol. Talk to you later this weekend

  • Bob Irwin posted 1624 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    Hi Ryan,
    How are u? Do you live in the St Louis area ? I've got tickets to see the Rams vs the Bears in November and was hoping you give me some tips on staying in St Louis. We were thinking of the Lumiere hotel but i'm open to suggestion. Let me know what u think.

  • Bob Irwin posted 1746 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    1 Austin
    1b Cyprien
    2 Barrett Jones/Kyle long

    I really like TJ but he is an awful lot like Austin or Swope.....is there anyone else on your radar in the 7th with a different skill set

  • Bob Irwin posted 1746 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    Hey Ryan, Thanks interesting stuff. Still no safeties or first round linemen, curious. I've been looking at more info on Kwame Geathers....i'm intrigued. He's rated as a 6th or 7th rounder by a number of publications. I know you really like Austin but what if...
    1a C Warmack
    1b J Cyprien
    2 R Swope
    3 Z Gooden
    4 Aaron Dobson
    5 Sanders Comings
    6 Kwame Geathers
    7 TJ Moe

  • Bob Irwin posted 1754 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    Here a recent review of Cyprien


    Jonathan Cyprien has all the skills to play strong safety in the NFL. He has a solid technique in terms of in-the-box coverage and runs really well to the play in midstream. Equally as important, the Florida International product has a nose for the ball-carrier and is athletic as they come.

    While Cyprien might struggle in coverage early, the presence of Reggie Nelson at free safety will help mask that one minor issue early on.

    Cyprien may end up translating better at free safety, but for now he works best as a strong safety.

    This was a forecast of Cincinnati's draft but i believe that Fisher plans to use Stewart as the starter at FS going into camp... Cyprien is capable of playing either position. He's a beast in the box and reads and reacts exceptionally well, he also has great lateral speed and can get from sideline to sideline very quickly. FIU used him as a monster, roving him all over the field. i believe he is a stronger more versatile player than any free safety on the board, better in coverage than Reid, Swearinger and Rambo. Elam is a pure SS as is Shamarko Thomas and Phillip Thomas is not nearly as strong as a tackler and gets pushed around by bigger TE's. I honestly haven't felt this strongly about a safety in a long time. He has loose hips, can change direction quickly and has very good recovery speed. Vacarro may be the better FS now but.....
    Here's the review from Draft Tracker 2013
    Looks and plays like a strong in the box safety with solid thickness throughout his build. Holds ground against blocks from bigger opponents and runs through traffic to wrap up ball carriers inside. Possesses enough speed and athleticism to cover ground as a FS in the back half and can line up against slot receivers inside. Closes on stretch runs and quick throws to outside receivers even when playing well back from the line. Beats receiver blocks with quickness or strength. His secure tackling in those situations is also notable, as he brings some attitude into his attempts unlike other defensive backs in this class. Can be used as a blitzed on run and pass plays and can overpower running back blocks. He will excel at either FS or SS at the NFL level.
    This guy is a hybrid, has infectious enthusiasm for the game and is a fantastic teammate and leader in the locker room.
    Ryan, he has played more as hybrid S but i believe he will excel at either spot

  • Bob Irwin posted 1756 days ago

    Bob Irwin

    I do think that Lacy may be overrated. It's hard to judge him accurately based on the talent he was surrounded by. I added something to your comment as well. I think that the big bruising RB is soon to be a situational player at best. We may have released Jackson because Fish saw the change coming. He has been a huge advocate of the helmet rule and perhaps thru no coincidence we have 2 small quick backs. It could signify a change in thinking that could affect the whole league. Another reason why a guy like Tavon Austin could play a huge role in our offense if we go that route.