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I enjoy watching and playing hockey. I'm just getting into articles and it's interesting to see what other people think.

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  • Harani T. posted 3307 days ago

    Harani T.

    Hi! I just finished writing about last night's game between the Habs and the Wild. Have a read and tell me what you think!


  • Miah D. posted 3308 days ago

    Miah D.


    Doing well?
    La Presse columnist Richard Labbe suggests Brendan Shanahan to the Montreal Canadiens. He proposes $1 million for the 39-year old player, and a role on the third line.

    What do you think?

    Go Habs,
    Miah ;)

  • Matt Eichel posted 3454 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Miah and I are doing a few articles on different aspects of the Canadiens off-season so if you wanted to help us compile it that's what we're aiming at. If you could e-mail Miah or myself with your comments on offense that would be great and Miah will post the article.

    Then when we do the defensive section, Miah and I can give you our comments about what Montreal needs to do on defense and you can post the article. Does that sound good? Make sense?

  • Matt Eichel posted 3454 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Right on! If you want to just type up a blurp about offense, defense, free agents, or whatever I'll make sure that you're word gets into the upcoming articles.

  • Matt Eichel posted 3455 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Hey Aaron! Just wondering if you want to add anything into pieces that we're doing for the Montreal Canadiens Off-Season Preview. Whether it be about defense, offense, the draft, or any free agents out there, we'd like to hear you input and incorporate it into our segments Miah and I are compiling as a joint community project within the Montreal Canadiens community. Let me know what you think.


  • Miah D. posted 3458 days ago

    Miah D.


    I did not have the opportunity to welcome you on BR yet.
    so, in a more formal way: welcome on BR, and in the Habs community.
    Looking to hear from u soon,

    take care,
    ps: are u expecting big moves from Gainey this summer?

  • Onalee Carson posted 3477 days ago

    Onalee Carson

    Aaron, I'm working in firefox today so the editor's feedback isn't working. Feel free to delete this post if you want to.

    Great article! I just changed split up some sentences and corrected some typos. Keep up the good work!