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My name is Joel Harrigan and I am a 4th year English major at the University of Virginia. I was born in Philadelphia and raised a fan of all their major sports team, an aspect of my upbringing that has caused much heartbreak throughout my years. Football is the sport that I follow most closely; I hope to be alive to see the EAGLES' first Super-bowl win.

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  • Tom S. posted 3374 days ago

    Tom S.

    Joel -

    Thanks for taking the time to make the edits on my "LPGA" article.


    Tom S.

    P.S. - In a small way, I can help you in return.
    The spelling for old #12 of the N.Y. Jets is . . . N A M A T H.
    Thought you might like to know

  • Rodge Correa posted 3375 days ago

    Rodge Correa

    What did u edit?

  • Lisa Horne posted 3376 days ago

    Lisa Horne

    Joel- already know the first rule of journalism....if you receive negative comments, it's're being read. Thanks!

  • Jon Offredo posted 3377 days ago

    Jon Offredo

    Hey Joel,

    I appreciate the edit quite a bit. Mind looking at another story of mine?

    Thanks a ton!

  • Lisa Horne posted 3378 days ago

    Lisa Horne

    Thanks for the add!

  • Lisa Horne posted 3379 days ago

    Lisa Horne


    Thanks for the love! (pick)


  • David Harrington posted 3379 days ago

    David Harrington

    Thank you for fixing that. Sounds much better.

  • Bill Hinton posted 3380 days ago

    Bill Hinton

    Thanks for the help Joel it looks great to me!


  • Jim Crooks posted 3388 days ago

    Jim Crooks

    Thanks for the edit, Joel! I appreciate it.

  • Shaun Ahmad posted 3390 days ago

    Shaun Ahmad

    Thanks for the edit Joel. I appreciate it.