I cover the Pirates and Jets for Bleacher Report, but I will also pen the occasional article about the Knicks, Rangers or anything else I encounter. I don't cover much college basketball here, but I'm a huge fan.

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  • Jason Richards posted 1834 days ago

    Jason Richards

    I just read the worst sports article EVER! Can't believe "bleacherreport" allows you to post columns on their website! Typical Jets fan balsting the Pats! Maybe you should be flipping burgers instead of pushing out turd-nugget sports columns? Just a thought...

  • Boston Sports posted 1845 days ago

    Boston  Sports

    i cant believe u seriously posted that article. i see it says ur a jets fan? do all writers post articles blasting the team that destroyed them on national tv?

  • James Ermilio posted 1845 days ago

    James Ermilio

    What about SF running a fake FG up 24 points in the 3rd quarter this year?

    Peyton Manning throwing from the shotgun up 28 with less than six minutes left in the fourth quarter in Week 4?

    Aaron Rodgers doing the same with a 25 point lead in Week 6?

    Drew Brees and Robert Griffin passing with 28 and 25 point leads late in the fourth in Week 11?

    Is everyone in the NFL classless? Or maybe, just maybe, these teams are taught to play 60 minutes of football, and they have no prerogative whatsoever not to play. If the other team wants their opposition to stop, they should stop them.

  • James Ermilio posted 1845 days ago

    James Ermilio

    So explain to me, Andrew—how did the Pats disgrace themselves on Thanksgiving when Eli Manning was throwing into the end zone on 4th down in a a game his team was winning by 28?

  • James Williamson posted 2704 days ago

    James Williamson


    The most controversial issue of the NFL Hall of Fame, and I'm here to spell it out.. Please leave your comments.

  • Mike Kent posted 3046 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Should baseball do something to the Cubs?


  • Old Account posted 3049 days ago

    Old Account

    My 2009 NFL predictions continue with the NFC South. Last year the Panthers took the divison, while the Falcons stormed onto the scene as a playoff contender. As the new season approaches, who shall take the division crown this year? Appreciate any feedback given!


  • Lars Hanson posted 3054 days ago

    Lars Hanson

    Hey andrew say your comment on the 3 worst franchises. Don't sweat the small stuff about that kid. If you look at Heart Beats comments it will make sense.

    He wrote that article 3 months ago and cant come up with anything fresh so he just reposted it

  • Scotty Kimberly posted 3057 days ago

    Scotty Kimberly

    Exactly how much of the Pirates opening day roster is left? See for yourself how the fans could take it...


    Comments are appreciated.


  • D.A. posted 3058 days ago


    Hey Andrew,

    I'm trying to put together an NL Central roundtable, could you check your B/R inbox?

    Thanks, da