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  • Patrick Ferlise posted 1875 days ago

    Patrick Ferlise

    Josh, thanks for giving me some feedback and reading my article. You're right about Kirby Smart -- he gets paid over $1 million at Alabama and it's rumored that he's the next to take over the head coaching job there after Saban leaves in two years or so. It is rumored that USM tried to make a pass at Smart and I added him into my piece as some food for thought (I'm not sure if I specified if he'd be a highly unlikely pick, but I meant to put that in). With Chizik, he's the next coach that every university in need is looking at. He's talented despite what Auburn's done to get rid of him. As they say the "what have you done for me lately," mentality is at a high there. He's unlikely, but still Southern might try some sort of attempt to talk to him and he's a good guy. Petrino lost the Kentucky coaching position and is still on the market. I've heard several times that he would be the perfect guy and he's not a BS type of person to begin with, despite his escapades as of late. I agree with your assessment of Blake also, yet he is a top priority on the list. Monken could be on a list, but bottom tier at best because of what you've also told me. He sucked at Colorado, to say the least. But he still has some valuable experience. With your thoughts on the two coaches you sent me -- Dubose was a former head coach at Alabama more than 10 years ago and also played there. Interestingly enough, he was coaching at Southern Miss when USM beat Alabama to break their 57 home game winning streak also. But I do think he's been out of touch with coaching big universities for awhile. His last coaching job was at Memphis and he was a high school coach this year and they went winless in 2011. Memphis is a good school, but I'd say out of taking someone like an OC or DC at Oklahoma State or Texas Tech, I'd go with a more in-touch guy (but that's just my opinion. With Mumme, he hasn't coached at a school like Southern Miss. He currently is at McMurry University and was also at New Mexico previously before that. Even before that, he coached at Kentucky for three seasons. Again, he could be a choice but I would like to see someone that has been more relevant in the top 25 as of late. Just my opinions though -- tell me what you think! I should be coming out with a new list and keeping people updated as we learn more.