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  • Jack O'Neil posted 60 days ago

    Jack O'Neil

    Yo, your Boston College video is cool, but you got the score wrong. It was the women's team playing not the men's. I think the final score was 86-69.

  • Ryan Keough posted 160 days ago

    Ryan Keough

    Unsportsmanlike... Really? LMAO. Stay salty. Here's some advice for you. You should come to like the QB who will go down on the Mount Rushmore of QBs when it's all said and done. Elway, Marino, Bradshaw, Winston.

  • East West posted 173 days ago

    East West

    Can you correct some of the details of your article on the Maryland-PSU pregame? Seems rather biased when you don't mention that PSU ran through Maryland's pregame warm ups. The handshake snub was disrespect returned in kind for running thru the visitor's pregame warm ups. Also, MD was flagged for referee contact during the scuffle - not for the handshake snub.

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 234 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Impressive rankings and shiny medals - hope they are not of the same quality of your USC "personalized" letter article. The letter itself is no longer available for viewing and there was no link to post a comment on the article. Seems to be just another plateful of lukewarm tripe over a non-issue. Keep throwing that stuff against the wall, something should stick.

  • Ericka Dampier posted 242 days ago

    Ericka Dampier

    The guy below me has no history at all. Troll accont

  • Greg Rotman posted 243 days ago

    Greg Rotman


    This author has an awful history of posting misleading, incorrect, and biased articles. It is clear from the comments below and a quick review of his articles. You have officially lost my business and will continue to become known as shoddy and unethical if you do not clean your content up. Although everyone already knows your reputation anyway...

  • Evan Wecksell posted 246 days ago

    Evan Wecksell

    Hey Tristan,
    I'm the dad of Beckett Sage - the WWE Intro expert. If you wanted to do an 'exclusive' Q&A about him, feel free to contact me or reach me through my website - Beckett is busy watching NXT now.

  • Ericka Dampier posted 259 days ago

    Ericka Dampier

    Don't turn around while I'm trying to put a dip in!

  • Tim The Redeemer posted 261 days ago

    Tim The Redeemer

    news flash! UT is not the only team/school in the state of texas, and their fans do not the do not make up a majority of the state's population. i know there's lots of bandwagon texas fans, but i'm pretty sure the texas A&M, texas tech,baylor, tcu and other fan bases are large enough to outdo texas in popularity, even if there was a larger sample size. besides, texas gives everyone reason to dislike them more than anyone else. you seem to have forgotten about the longhorn network. also, their fans are egotistical maniacs, they make sure the world knows that their school is bigger, richer and better than your's, and their staff is just as bad. go to their chatboards like "shaggy bevo" sometimes: they do nothing but hate on everyone else. so there you have it: being a large school in a large state does not make you the favorite among the majority of the population especially if that group is made up of trash talking, egotistical assholes. that is why UT is the most hated in texas, and probably the same can be said for michigan in michigan (although i agree that california doesn't make any sense there, it would have thought it was USC).

  • Brittney Bacon posted 279 days ago

    Brittney Bacon

    The article "College Baseball Player Troy Bacon Climbs Wall for Incredible HR-Robbing Grab", the left fielders name is ALEX Bacon, not Troy. Troy is the hitter. Please change! Thanks