David Koss

David Koss


Huge Wings fan since the 60's when I attended my first game in the old Olympia and what a great place to watch a hockey game. My favorite team bar none!! I have moved around a lot and am now living in Honolulu, Hawaii and the Wings are still and always will be #1. I had a wings tat put on my arm at the beginning of the 02 season as I had a feeling before the season started they we destined as champs and they did not let me down. Surprising that wherever I go that most people recognize the Wings tat I so proudly wear on my arm. Great conversation starter!! Go Wings!!!

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  • Wolf 85 posted 1389 days ago

    Wolf 85

    David, you are not allowed to be an Wolverine fan. You will need to bow before the Wolverine of constant awesomeness you idoit!!!! You are not a Michigan fan anymore!!!!

  • Wolf 85 posted 1415 days ago

    Wolf 85

    Aww David, the Suckeye fan below enjoys your work. Just curious, did you see Ohio get exposed last night BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Can you now get back to being a Michigan fan instead of kissing some Suckeye fan's backside. Mmm K? Peace out!

  • Long gone posted 1416 days ago

    Long gone


  • Chad Hankins posted 1417 days ago

    Chad Hankins

    Wow, a couple of Michigan haters who are like buddies how sweet. I think you two should move to Ohio so you will be closer to your favorite team. 48415 Buckeye lives in Flint, no wonder he is so bitter about Michigan. I grew up in Clio so I know the town well. I hope I'm never in your ER! What a tool!

  • 48415Buckeye ER posted 1435 days ago

    48415Buckeye ER

    Mr. Koss, I reside in the Flint Michigan area. In the 'burbs. I am an ER Physician and see how truly awful the city can be. I also work with the Armed services veterans in the area.

    My wife and children go to Oahu on a yearly basis and enjoy ourselves. Enough about me, YOU ARE one of my favorite commenters and I enjoy your work. Come to the Flint area in the summertime and have several cold ones or whatever your taste may lead you to.

  • Tony Locken posted 1870 days ago

    Tony Locken

    Hey man! How's living in Honolulu? I mean cost of living that is? I would love to live out there if I can afford it that is!

  • ChaseFish posted 1993 days ago


    So you will like this. Grabbed this from NHL.com.

    "I think Zach has been playing really good, taking leadership to heart and he's happy to be the captain and happy to lead," Brodeur said. "It's been really nice and for him. Being in this situation and being able to produce the way he does, is great."


    "He's a great leader and has done a lot in this locker room," Clarkson said. "He's had leaders to follow like Jamie Langenbrunner, who won before, so Zach's done a phenomenal job all season. He leads by the way he plays out there. It's not hard not to play all out when you see how hard he's working."

  • Andrew Kniceley posted 2119 days ago

    Andrew Kniceley

    How can people say that Michigan played a good game when Wisconsin and Oregon but put up a total of 1,129 total yards in the rose bowl and Michigan and Virginia Tech only put up a combined 561 total yards. Denard only had 117 yards. Kirk Cousins for State had 300 total yards and Russel Wilson had 296 yards. I thought it was an embarrassment to even allow Michigan into that game.