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Rick Wild is a sophomore at Bradley University in Peoria, IL studying Political Science and International Studies. He wishes he had the guts to pursue journalism or a Bohemian lifestyle playing pop songs in coffee houses. For now he'll settle for writing an occasional article concerning Chicago sports, the NBA, and any offbeat occurrence in the world of sports.

Rick is a hopeless devotee to the post-Jordan Chicago Bulls. He's firmly in the camp that thinks Reinsdorf should sell the team and maybe, just maybe, getting an elite scorer is a good idea. And even though the new rules frustrate him to no end, Rick's love for the NBA is surpassed only by that for his family, friends, and The Simpsons.

Rick is constantly compared to Yao Ming. Unfortunately, this comparison doesn't come close to carrying over to the court.

You can reach him at rwild@bradley.edu.

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  • Scott Glisson posted 3308 days ago

    Scott Glisson

    Hey Rick

    Recap on the Bulls great win against the Warriors!


    Check it out if you get a chance! Thanks.