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I am a lifelong sports fan, especially college football and basketball. I also enjoy NASCAR, the NBA, MLB and the NFL.

I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

I am thankful that I grew up when I did. I lived through the hard times of being a fan of the Gators. And I am now enjoying the good times. And hopefully I am young enough to enjoy living in the past when this era is a couple of decades old. My kids are going to be spoiled. They've never known UF to not be a dominant program. My dad is enjoying the good times now, but for how long? He endured the rough times his whole life, now at close to checkout time, we've become one of the elites. I timed it just right.

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  • Randy Cook posted 14 days ago

    Randy Cook

    Oh, look!!!!!!! Jim the Dumbass named 2 QBs with AMAZING defenses. Kaepernick n Wilson. Yea. That'll definitely back up your argument for why Cam sucks(and yes, I'm FULLY aware of Cam's Panthers having a great defense, as well.)

    Dont worry ..... I'm sure someday Tim Tebust will be a great NFL QB. Maybe in a billion years when the NFL dont exist anymore. Just swallow your pride, man. Aint that difficult to man up n admit you were wrong.

  • Jim Folsom posted 20 days ago

    Jim Folsom

    *yawn* uhh...no. maybe if he someday becomes half as good as Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson or wins a game that his defense didn't play lights out.

  • Randy Cook posted 33 days ago

    Randy Cook

    Hahahahaha this douchebag keeps getting torn apart on the Newton article n on his own personal profile.

    Wanna admit you were wrong yet? Dumbass.

  • Jake Gilbertson posted 37 days ago

    Jake Gilbertson

    Only 470 more days asshole... "I am so certain of this that if he is the Panthers' starting quarterback in 2016, I will buy a Cam Newton jersey and stand in the stadium parking lot in my underwear when the Panthers come to Tampa Bay and hold a sign proclaiming that Auburn rules over Florida and Carolina rules over Tampa Bay."

  • Joe Andrew posted 178 days ago

    Joe Andrew

    I see that you still, as of yet, have anything to say about your complete miss on the Cam Newton article. Just grow a pair and man up. Nobody is saying you have to like the man, but just admit you were wrong. There are worse things in life than being wrong about something, especially a game.

  • Zac Morrison posted 215 days ago

    Zac Morrison

    Dude, you really blew it on that cam newton article. If you don't go through with your promise then you're the absolute worst, I wanna see a picture. Btw, how's your boy Tebow doing, or not doing I should say.

  • Zac Morrison posted 215 days ago

    Zac Morrison

    dude, you really blew it on that cam newton article. If you don't go through with your promise you're the worst.

  • Walker Poole posted 272 days ago

    Walker Poole

    See you in tampa 2016. Maybe after the game we can go watch Tebow play some Arena Football, and marvel at how apparenlty easy it is to become a "syndicated" Bleacher Report writer

  • Blake Harvard posted 307 days ago

    Blake Harvard

    How's that Cam prediction working out? Playoffs.

  • stone hayden posted 324 days ago

    stone hayden

    You should read this article http://bleacherreport.com/articles/694994-carolina-panther-cam-newton-is-the-worst-nfl-draft-pick-ever haha. DUMBASS!!!