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Jim Folsom

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I am a lifelong sports fan, especially college football and basketball. I also enjoy NASCAR, the NBA, MLB and the NFL.

I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

I am thankful that I grew up when I did. I lived through the hard times of being a fan of the Gators. And I am now enjoying the good times. And hopefully I am young enough to enjoy living in the past when this era is a couple of decades old. My kids are going to be spoiled. They've never known UF to not be a dominant program. My dad is enjoying the good times now, but for how long? He endured the rough times his whole life, now at close to checkout time, we've become one of the elites. I timed it just right.

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  • Jon-Paul Duggins posted 56 days ago

    Jon-Paul Duggins

    Why do you hate Cam Newton so much?

  • Tyler Smith posted 57 days ago

    Tyler Smith

    It's idiotic people like you who are the reason why Tampa has a real future bust in Winston, while the Panthers have a Pro-Bowl Quarterback in Cam Newton.

  • Perry Platypus posted 57 days ago

    Perry Platypus

    Hey buddy. You really are a class act. Calling out Cam as a bust and then going back on your word. If there isn't a picture of you in a Newton jersey in the parking lot of a game in 2016 you will have gone from close to no respect from anyone to 0 at all. Newton is clearly anything but a bust. The best part is you claim Kaepernick is better than him. That both Kaepernick and Wilson don't win solely because of their defense. Well thats hilarious because look at Kaep when his defense was bad. He played worse than Cam who SET RECORDS when his defense was terrible. Newton doesn't have to be a one man show so he doesn't do it anymore. When he is called upon he does better than either of them. Don't give me the Wilson wins games for Seattle bull shit because if you were any form of sports fan you would understand that a 5th grader could stand behind that o-line, defense and Lynch and win a Super Bowl. Get your head out of your ass and come join the real world.

  • Ryan Chapman posted 57 days ago

    Ryan Chapman

    Wow. Your Cam article might be the dumbest piece of literature to ever be published as an "article" on the internet. Are you out of your mind? The guy is a dominant physical force with underwhelming offensive weapons at his disposal. He led the Panthers to 2 straight NFC South titles (with a bad ankle, broken ribs, and fractured vertebrae) - something that has NEVER been done. Don't even mention Colin Kaepernick - he was absolutely horrible last year. Russel Wilson has been blessed with arguably the best defense of all time. Cam Newton will retire with LEGENDARY NUMBERS and barring a miracle, the Panthers will be taking the NFC South for the 3rd year in a row. You are an absolute clown.

  • Max Prabo posted 57 days ago

    Max Prabo

    Jim - I am not going to make threats or be an asshole. But here is the fact, you called Cam out. He may not be Joe Montana but he has turned Carolina into a winning team and is by no stretch a bust. So if you are a man of your word, wear that Carolina jersey with pride when they play TB next ! Also hold up the sign for Carolina >TB and Auburn >Florida

  • Daniel Rogers posted 58 days ago

    Daniel Rogers

    Hey, you bearded Floridiot, do me a favor and make more Cam predictions.

  • Jim Folsom posted 206 days ago

    Jim Folsom

    I rip Sir sCam a lot but glad to hear he was not hurt in his car accident. I don't wish anything bad to happen to him other than a few INTs.

  • Jim Folsom posted 234 days ago

    Jim Folsom

    OK it's time to call it. I was right all along. The guy was not worthy of a number one pick. Never was. Never will be. He's lost his mobility. Without that he is mediocre at best. He will not ever be a stand-in-the-pocket passer, which is what I said all along. Four years into your career, a #1 draft pick QB should have his team a Super Bowl contender. Anyone think Carolina is a Super Bowl contender? Hell no. And they never will be with sCam at QB. So all you morons who texted death threats to my phone, or posted crap on here wanting to admit I am wrong when clearly I never was because you were butthurt that not everyone believes everything your local Charlotte media pumps up their butts (or tries to) can...as they used to say on the TV show Psych...SUCK IT! 9 sacks?? Two Pick 6s in one game?? LMFAO!!!

    And by the way, I will not be showing up to any games in sCam jersey in 2016. I am not going to be held responsible after last night for the Panther's coaching staff being too stupid to bench this bust. I'd bench him next week. What is he 2-6-1? His back up is 1-0. Time for him to start.

    P.S.- The over/under on Anderson taking over as starting QB? I give it four weeks.

  • Randy Cook posted 266 days ago

    Randy Cook

    Oh, look!!!!!!! Jim the Dumbass named 2 QBs with AMAZING defenses. Kaepernick n Wilson. Yea. That'll definitely back up your argument for why Cam sucks(and yes, I'm FULLY aware of Cam's Panthers having a great defense, as well.)

    Dont worry ..... I'm sure someday Tim Tebust will be a great NFL QB. Maybe in a billion years when the NFL dont exist anymore. Just swallow your pride, man. Aint that difficult to man up n admit you were wrong.

  • Jim Folsom posted 271 days ago

    Jim Folsom

    *yawn* uhh...no. maybe if he someday becomes half as good as Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson or wins a game that his defense didn't play lights out.