Jim Folsom

Jim Folsom


I am a lifelong sports fan, especially college football and basketball. I also enjoy NASCAR, the NBA, MLB and the NFL.

I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

I am thankful that I grew up when I did. I lived through the hard times of being a fan of the Gators. And I am now enjoying the good times. And hopefully I am young enough to enjoy living in the past when this era is a couple of decades old. My kids are going to be spoiled. They've never known UF to not be a dominant program. My dad is enjoying the good times now, but for how long? He endured the rough times his whole life, now at close to checkout time, we've become one of the elites. I timed it just right.

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  • Adam Key posted 9 days ago

    Adam Key

    If you get all the skid marks outta your underwear, I'll let you borrow my Cam jersey... bottle of bleach is cheaper than buying a jersey. Just looking out for ya.

  • Rick Brogden posted 11 days ago

    Rick Brogden

    I'm buying my tickets now.


  • Rocks are Harmless posted 12 days ago

    Rocks are Harmless

    Loooooool backing out?

  • Cody Robinson posted 17 days ago

    Cody Robinson

    You are a fool. Cam is an elite QB. Think how he has done without any premier receivers. The dude makes Ted Ginn JR look good. Quit drinking your hatorade and man up and go to BOA in your underwear buddy. Cam >>> then the trash that comes out of Gainesville. Journalist? You are just a dumb Florida fan who sucks at being a journalist #KEEPPOUNDING

  • Joe Caruth posted 17 days ago

    Joe Caruth

    Oh man. 8-0. So, are you gonna man up? Unless he gets catastrophically injured he's going to be the starter next year by the time they play Fail Bay.

  • brian pizzuti posted 18 days ago

    brian pizzuti

    The following was posted by Jim 1 year ago almost exactly.

    "Jim Folsom posted 362 days agoJim Folsom
    OK it's time to call it. I was right all along. The guy was not worthy of a number one pick. Never was. Never will be. He's lost his mobility. Without that he is mediocre at best. He will not ever be a stand-in-the-pocket passer, which is what I said all along. Four years into your career, a #1 draft pick QB should have his team a Super Bowl contender. Anyone think Carolina is a Super Bowl contender? Hell no. And they never will be with sCam at QB. So all you morons who texted death threats to my phone, or posted crap on here wanting to admit I am wrong when clearly I never was because you were butthurt that not everyone believes everything your local Charlotte media pumps up their butts (or tries to) can...as they used to say on the TV show Psych...SUCK IT! 9 sacks?? Two Pick 6s in one game?? LMFAO!!!

    And by the way, I will not be showing up to any games in sCam jersey in 2016. I am not going to be held responsible after last night for the Panther's coaching staff being too stupid to bench this bust. I'd bench him next week. What is he 2-6-1? His back up is 1-0. Time for him to start.

    P.S.- The over/under on Anderson taking over as starting QB? I give it four weeks."

  • brian pizzuti posted 18 days ago

    brian pizzuti

    "Senior Analyst".......code word for butthurt gators fan. Forget the bet, this guy should be demoted. As a sports writer, you don't let your personal affiliations affect your ability to write an article. In his defense, this was back when bleacher report wasn't exactly the most respected sports media outlet in the world. They have upgraded their brand over the past few years, and should obviously upgrade their staff as well.

  • Serge Neborak posted 18 days ago

    Serge Neborak


    Article 4.5 years later calling Cam an MVP. A lot has to happen in the next 5 months for Cam to be benched and Tebow leading Denver to the playoffs. Great prediction Jim

  • Andy Sumner posted 18 days ago

    Andy Sumner

    So, tighty whities? Boxer Briefs? Silk or Cotton boxers? How about some of them expensive Deluth Trading Company undies that nobody can afford? Looks like you have some tough decisions to make. Much harder than say, making assumptions about the BEST DAMN QB in the NFL

  • Ian Seign posted 32 days ago

    Ian Seign

    Hey Jim, remember this?
    We do.
    What size jersey will you need?