I'm not a doctor and I never played one on TV. I have been on TV, radio, print, and the net talking about injuries as much as anyone. I'm not a fan of being called an injury "expert" but hey, it was better than "guru", right? I work hard to give everyone the best information about injuries, sports medicine, and the other random stuff I pick up on my journey.

I've written for SI, ESPN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Popular Mechanics, the Sports Business Journal, FoxSports, Baseball Prospectus, Football Outsiders, and Rotowire. I'm a previous member of the BBWAA, having voted for the Cy Young Award twice.

I'm the host of B/R Afternoon Drive with Goff & Carroll, on B/R Radio (Sirius 93/XM 208), every weekday from 3-6 Eastern. You can check that out or on one of my weekly radio gigs around the country.

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  • Felipe Mendiola posted 62 days ago

    Felipe Mendiola


  • Muhammad Ahmad posted 137 days ago

    Muhammad Ahmad

    Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo can make it to the World Cup even though he has tendinitis in his left knee?

  • Nick Clark posted 160 days ago

    Nick Clark

    Will I have been reading your post for about a year now and I wanted to say I really respect what you do. Not many have the ability to describe the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics behind injuries while keeping the common sports fan intrigued. Furthermore, I really appreciate your respect for the vital role athletic trainers play in all sports. I am a senior AT student at the University of Delaware, and people like you will help move our profession forward. Thank you for the support!

  • Gunnar Sandberg posted 215 days ago

    Gunnar Sandberg

    I was just reading your article titled "Enough is Enough, MLB Must Pursue Change to Protect Its Pitchers" and I'm a big fan. I was mentioned towards the bottom, as I was a pitcher who was hit by a line drive in high school. I couldn't agree more with what you said, and I really appreciate that you're getting the message out there that something needs to change. It seems as if the "change" has been ongoing for a few years now, but we haven't seen any immediate action. If you have any more information on the subject of head protection in baseball, I would absolutely love if you shared it with me! Thank you!

  • Jim Hines posted 279 days ago

    Jim Hines

    I was re-reading your post from your article. I should have seen this earlier but missed it. You said that you have seen my "device." It's not a device. It's a concept. Originally it was a device because I wanted to keep it as cheap as possible for poorer school districts. That seems almost impossible now and I have shelved the idea for now. Hope that clears things up.

  • David Welch posted 348 days ago

    David Welch

    Will, great columns as always. What can you tell us about Manny Machado's decision to have his medial patellar femoral ligament reconstructed? Will there be long-term problems?

  • adam schultz posted 360 days ago

    adam schultz

    Great job on the Tommy John article series. Anthony Castrovince on MLB.com cites your articles on Tommy John surgery and states:
    "Carroll has estimated that in the decade from 2002-12, teams spent $1.7 billion on pitchers on the disabled list"
    I'm trying to find where you wrote that. I read your TJ articles, but didn't see that figure noted. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • Joel Reuter posted 392 days ago

    Joel Reuter

    Just saw the MLB Network Manny Machado call Will, good stuff.

  • T C posted 399 days ago

    T C

    Will, how have you coined the term as "sports medicine expert"? Are you a certified athletic trainer? Have you worked closely with sports medicine trained orthopaedists or internists? Just curious as to how and why you've become comfortable writing about athletic injuries? Thanks!

  • Scott B posted 596 days ago

    Scott B

    Will, you mentioned in your Pittsburgh Pirates Health Report article 'The Pirates didn't win after trying something new'... when they actually did. They put their extended spring training players through the APG 'neck up' performance training, and those players won their first championship in 34 years on the Gulf Coast League. Their MLB players never received or had the chance of benefiting from the 'new' training.