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Born and raised in the Big Drink (that's Michigan to you out-of-towners), I can't help but cheer all teams Great Lake. I served as a copy editor for B/R until 2009 and ran with the Advanced Program in Sports Media and FC Evaluation Program after that. These days, I help manage those educational programs (along with a few others) within the Quality Control Department. I just can't get enough of you amazing people!

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  • Isaac Smith posted 1933 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    yes, watching Leyland cry was rather amusing although semi-predictable. Hope Miggy gets that Triple crown, that would be sweet!

  • Isaac Smith posted 1934 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    I see you're a fellow Michigan/Detroit sports fan. Congrats on your position as Writing Evaluation Coordinator!

  • Bob Warja posted 2349 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Thanks for the edits Greg, I appreciate the detailed explanations.

  • John Rozum posted 2350 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks for the edits and feedback greg

  • Sunil Ram posted 2360 days ago

    Sunil Ram

    Thanks for the feedback and edits Greg. I greatly appreciate it and will ensure to follow the style guidelines you gave me.

  • Jacqueline Moen-Kadlec posted 2362 days ago

    Jacqueline Moen-Kadlec

    Thanks for the edit, Greg. I added in the link for the comments, as you suggested. :)

  • Brandon Galvin posted 2364 days ago

    Brandon Galvin

    Thanks for the edits!

  • Neri Stein posted 2366 days ago

    Neri Stein

    sorry if I made you work a bit extra on my Burress piece. Written in a hurry. Thanks.

  • Jay Wierenga posted 2368 days ago

    Jay Wierenga

    thanks for the edit greg!

    the one thing i am confused about is the gores issue. in my piece i am not alleging gores had anything to do with saying dumars made this call because of his ego. foster doesn't say gores by name, but he is the only person above dumars in the team's hierarchy, and this line in his piece "I refuse to believe this was Dumars' call" makes it seem as though gores is the culprit.

    quick question...i am not extremely computer do i make something a hyper link instead of just pasting a url?



  • Frank Gray posted 2369 days ago

    Frank Gray

    Greg, thank you for the edit. I appreciate the reminders too. I didn't know the rules on block quotes. Thanks. Also, thank you for the key words added to the headline. I hope it helps. I thought it was a good article that deserved more reads than it was getting. Take care. -Frank