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Clayton Eskew

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Professional and collegiate athletics has been the one constant in my life. Family, friends, a wife and pets have come and gone, but the world of sports has never betrayed me. I learned at a young age no player was bigger than the game and Muhammad Ali was the King of the World. In 1969 my father bet his paycheck on the N.Y. Jets, my mother found out and packed her bags and prepared to leave pending the outcome. Joe Namath saved my family that day. In 1970 a young pitcher for the Washington Senators named Jim Shellenback rented a home 2 doors down and I learned from him the business side of baseball as he explained the saga of Curt Flood and how it would effect the game as it was known. I could only understand so much as an 11 year old but I knew it was something big. For me, it was playing catch with a major leaguer that locked me in as a sports fan for life.

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