Ronald Joseph Kule

Ronald Joseph Kule


Ronald Joseph Kule, an American author and poet published internationally, writes non-fiction biography, sales training, sports and travel books; and young adult, narrative text and sci-fi fiction; and haiku poetry. He began writing at the age of six. Working with his father, his first editor-in-chief, he developed a succinct style, which readers claim is both imaginative and easy to visualize. Asked about it, he says, "I had to get to my point quickly, factually or not. Crammed into a small house with seven educated brothers and sisters, two parents and, most times, at least one dog, I learned to be the best liar in the bunch. Turns out, that's a pretty good skill for a writer."

Kule pursued a successful 48-year sales and sales-training career internationally and wrote two books as a result: "Sell Better, Sell Easier, Sell Anything Artfully" and "Vendere Meglio, piu e facilmente, con Maestria," which are the bases for conducted sales-training workshops. He also completed hundreds of speaking engagements in 17 of 35 countries he visited.

Kule's long-anticipated biography of the late Friedmann Paul Erhardt, "CHEF TELL: America's Pioneer TV Showman Chef," forewords by REGIS PHILBIN, "the hardest-working man on TV" and four-time Emmy-winner CHEF WALTER STAIB of Philadelphia.

Kule's short story, "ThunderCloud and the Old Man," was published in Better World Stories by Artists for a Better World in 2008. His published poetry credits include Bamboo Souls (2005) and Spirit of Humanity (2008) published by Artists for a Better World International; The Little Book of Cleveland Street Poetry, Volume II (2009) by Artists In Action International. Kule's book, "Romance & Sensuality, Volume One in a Series of Haikulisms," is available online at Amazon, as well as "Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless tale of America's Greatest Pastime" co-authored with award-winning sports journalist, J. David Miller, the ebook edition of "Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamonds," foreword by three-time NCAA Coach of the Year, Ray Tanner.

Current projects are two non-fiction works, "CASSANO ~ Rags to Millions" and "FRAPAR! ~ the Biography and Illustrations of Francois Parmentier, France's Beloved Cartoon Satirist." Three novels are in progress: "THUNDERCLOUD, Coming of Age" (young adult); "Aleria ~ The Promise" (sci-fi) and "EVERYMAN DREAMS (of love and romance)." Negotiations are underway for a major biography of a celebrity composer/arranger and pianist.

Ronald Joseph Kule is a fine artist with works in private collections. He resides in Clearwater, Florida with his wife, Sherry Kule, a designer of custom jewelry for private collectors. His landing page web site is

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