It’s been real. It’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun.

I can’t even break my own story? A story I worked hard for? Give me a break! You have a breaking story box, but we can’t break stories? Whatever man!

I may not be a Fox, or a CBS guy, but I got the freekin' story! And I got it first and right, unlike other media outlets. It was broke on my internet radio show with the guest on live, but that still wasn’t good enough either?

That is OK Bleacher Report,

I wanted to say thanks…for absolutely nothing. In the two years I wrote here, not a dime. That is fine.

Catch my stuff at Examiner.com.

And if you want to write and actually get paid copy this http://exm.nr/vLiMBi

Just so you do know, I battle dyslexia everyday. So I have to work harder than most in my writing. So in the comment area, if you make a joke about it, I may not get it, because I may see the joke (IE: misspellings, and typos) as correct. So you are really wasting your time. F.Y.I.

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  • Roger Noriega posted 2177 days ago

    Roger Noriega

    Sonny! Where have you gone?

  • Sonny Clark posted 2210 days ago

    Sonny Clark

    Thanks for that diatribe. Sounds like a good article. Maybe you should write.

    Please note, I get assignments on what to write, and I also write what I want, but/and I stand by what I write. I never said Romo wasn't a good QB. That would be stupid. However stats won't always prove your point, by the way—it boils down to "Ws" and championships.

    How about I say, and I have in articles, Romo isn't clutch enough....as well as being inconstant....inconsistently not winning games at the big moments. His inconsistency shows he isn't clutch enough. Ohh yea I also wrote about the Romo-Coaster as well.

    Look Romo has played well the past 5 games. Sure—does the QB take too much heat? Sometimes. But sometimes he gets too much credit—they call them clichés for a reason though.

    It is usually the same thing with him year in and year out (clichés). Will he do better this season? Maybe. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out for him (clichés). And let's see how he does against a very good football team (clichés). The jinks could be over who knows, but from what I have seen in these losses are from lack of discipline, and inconsistency, because he has done it a lot in the past (clichés).

    I could say Romo is consistent to make you happy so here—Romo is constant. Consistently a no show in big games. Let's face it, it's all about results. That equals "Ws" and playoff wins.

    So maybe my wording may not be up to your standards, or maybe I don't have enough Romo love, but if, and I say if, because you didn't say Romo was better, but if you think Romo is just as good as Brady, Brees, Manning (Peyton, not Eli), or Ben Roethlisberger (Ohhh just let me count the rings—not including the one from Eli), I can say with all confidence, you just don't know football...and that is OK. Being a Romo lover is OK...the hardest part about an addiction—is admitting you have one.

    It is OK to be a homer and defend your man. I get it.

    We all have our shortcomings.

    But Hey—Thanks for the "help" anyway.

  • Steve Prevesk posted 2220 days ago

    Steve Prevesk

    Sonny, as a writer you simply have to do your homework. You cannot cherry pick cliched, tired and simply wrong conclusions about Tony Romo because you lose credibility and professionally it doesn't separate you from other writers.

    Let me help you.

    Tony Romo IS NOT INCONSISTENT! Please...let me explain.

    The rap on Tony Romo, as we all know, is that he is unreliable. Half the time he's brilliant, half the time he's a bonehead. It's the "Romocoaster".

    Well, is that true? Let's see.

    Through 9 games, Romo has completed 200 of 309 pass attempts for 2,508 yards, 16 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.

    Those are actually very good numbers -- currently, he's the fourth-highest rated passer in the league -- yet we are constantly reminded that Romo is inconsistent.


    The only real "boneheaded" game that Romo has played this year was the Lions game. You know, the 3-interception disaster that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    It was bad and inexcusable for someone with his ability and experience. But take a closer look.

    At halftime, Romo had completed 19 of 26 passes for 195 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs. At the start of the third quarter, he was 4-for-4 for 39 yards another TD. He was on fire, and the score -- 27-3, Dallas -- reflected it.

    Then the wheels came off. From that point, he was 15-for-21 for 136 yards, 0 TDs and 3 INTs.

    Horrible. Deserving of derision.

    But, wait. Look at those season stats again. Take away this one miserable half of play and Romo is 185-of-288 (64%) for 2,372 yards, 15 TDs and just 4 INTs.

    If Romo has been maddeningly inconsistent throughout this season... just when has that been, exactly? Is it even possible for a quarterback to be "inconsistent" while completing nearly two-thirds of his passes and throwing almost 4 TIMES as many touchdowns as interceptions?

    But, hey, I must be cherry picking here. Lots of flawed quarterbacks have hot streaks; it's the bad times that make us see their true colors... right?

    Again, let's look at the numbers.

    The Detroit game was not just the only time this season that Romo has thrown more than a single interception in a half -- it was also the only time this season that he has thrown more than a single interception in an entire game. In 4 out of 9 games so far, he didn't throw a single interception at all.

    Think that's insignificant? Consider this:

    Tom Brady has thrown 10 INTs so far this season -- 4 of them in a single game -- with 3 multi-INT games.

    Drew Brees has thrown 11 INTs so far -- 3 of them in a single game -- with 4 multi-INT games.

    Eli Manning has thrown 8 INTs so far -- 3 of them in a single game -- with 2 mutli-INT games.

    Ben Roethlisberger has thrown 9 INTs so far, including 3 in his lone multi-INT game.

    Matt "Matty Ice" Ryan has thrown 10 INTs so far, with 3 multi-INT games.

    Phillip Rivers has thrown 15 INTs so far -- 3 of them in a single game -- with a whopping 6 multi-INT games.

    Michael Vick has thrown 11 INTs so far -- 4 in a single game -- with 2 multi-INT games.

    Josh Freeman has thrown 13 INTs this year -- 4 in a single game -- with 4 multi-INT games.

    According to the analysts, all these quarterbacks are supposedly better than Tony Romo. None of them has been slapped with the "inconsistent" label. None of them has been criticized as heavily or as frequently in the national media as Romo has. Yet ALL OF THEM have thrown more interceptions, with as many as or more multi-interception games, than Romo has.

    Let's look at the Jets game:

    Romo was 23-of-36 for 342 yards and 2 TDs before that late INT. He was good for a 101.9 rating.

    Meanwhile, our running game managed a paltry 64 yards on 26 carries. We gave up 4 sacks.

    Romo was the reason the Cowboys were winning that game.

    Was he also the reason they ultimately lost it? Was his interception with time winding down, the game-changing play? Or the fumble? Partly.

    That and the blocked punt returned for a touchdown.

    Without Romo, the Cowboys lose that game to the Jets -- in New York, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, by the way -- by a wide margin.

    What does it mean? That the "Romocoaster" is a sham. It's bunk. Hello Sonny? See where I'm going here?

    No, the Cowboys do not have a perfect quarterback. (No one does.) But they do have a great one. And, aside from one truly terrible half of play, he has been brilliant this season.


  • Kyle Langan posted 2277 days ago

    Kyle Langan

    Hey, would you be able to send your e mail to klangan@omnipossible.com? I want to get the B/R community leaders on a mailing list for a press release on behalf of Sports Media 101.


  • G D posted 2306 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/817080-10-pro-athletes-that-would-make-good-ufc-fighters

  • Paul Novak posted 2560 days ago

    Paul Novak

    Hey Sonny love your articles man

  • DW Snyder posted 2580 days ago

    DW Snyder

    Get over it Sonny and get off the Favre bashing wagon. You sound like a sore looser....or has Favre beaten your favorite team?

  • Nancy Doublin posted 2585 days ago

    Nancy Doublin


  • Nancy Doublin posted 2602 days ago

    Nancy Doublin

    Let me just add: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/505383-the-seahawks-my-abusive-football-relationship

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 2738 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs