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Josh Vincent

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I am an avid sports fan and have been since the Bills lost their first Superbowl! Nothing keeps you yearning for more like losing the big one, and four in a row created some pretty big sports fans! I am currently a Bills season ticket holder and hope to be for life! Filling the time in between Bills seasons in the early 90's my sports fandom grew. I started following the NY Yankees, Buffalo Sabres, Syracuse Orange Men's Basketball team, Michael Jordan, and the NFL Draft. I love men's golf(who doesn't like Woods and Mickelson) and women's tennis(gotta love Serena). I love March Madness and I hate the BCS. I haven't watched much NBA since Jordan, Barkley and Rodman retired but these young guys are drawing me back. These are the most things I will talk about in my articles but I won't limit myself--I'm a pretty big fantasy football guy too!

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