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  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1415 days ago


    It appears that you are a Bama fan as by your response to me implied that you are an Ohio State fan. So ignore my response to you then if that's the case. I don't wish for anything, but that FSU win the championship. FSU is not scared to play anyone and fans like you seem to forget the FSU dynasty era. Maybe you weren't born then so I will give you a pass. I'm just hear to remind you that FSU when we have coaches that know how to utilize talent we are one of the best teams in the nation period. We are from the continent of FLORIDA and my continent has the best players in the world in football. Look at your roster bama boy and see how many players come from FL. All of your running backs are from there and Amari Coop is too. Your star power impact players stayed home then the big 3 FL schools would dominate even more. There is a reason FL as a continent has 8 championship appearances in bcs bowl era counting this year assuming FSU beats puke. GO NOLES! My only wish is to play who is ever worthy of being on the field as FSU. If it is Auburn or Ohio State then we will play who ever is second best. To be the best you have to beat the best. FSU will do so this is our year. FEAR THE SPEAR! GO NOLES!

  • Alex F. posted 1415 days ago

    Alex F.

    You are the only classy 'Bama fan on this website. You took the loss like a man unlike the other bandwagon losers on this website. Kudos to you man!