Sean Levinson

Sean Levinson


I'm a UFC fanatic who just happens to love books and have an English degree. Go figure. I got into fighting after I realized that MMA is easily the most entertaining, physically taxing, and spiritual sport in existence.

A few reasons why I love MMA
-What the most well known fighters do in the octagon used to only be seen in comic books and movies.
-I believe the top UFC contenders are quite possibly the best athletes in the world.
-I have always dug combat entertainment, from Power Rangers to Pro-Wrestling to Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The popularization of MMA and the UFC has made me proud to say that such a revolution in artistic expression and athletic ability is happening during my time on this earth as a young adult.

And I'm kind of a d*** because chances are, I know more about fighting than you.

Just kidding guys, I'm looking forward to having some intelligent conversations with fellow UFC enthusiasts. Many thanks to anybody who reads my work.

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  • McKinley Noble posted 1835 days ago

    McKinley Noble

    Great first article about BJ Penn; one of my favorite reads this week.