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  • 9erGal posted 1569 days ago


    HEYYYYYY there! YES, football is very exciting... like ALWAYS.

    My thoughts on it??

    Well, it does look like the Broncos are the most complete team right now. Seahawks will be tough for any team, but I think the Colts beat them on Sunday.

    My two BIG surprise teams are the COLTS and CHIEFS. I think either team could go all the way. The Lions may be a big surprise too, with a lot of talent on that team.

    I hope the Saints CHOKE!! Haha, it doesn't take too long for those fans to come out and make their dumb ass comments, XD.

    Falscons are kinda sucking, lol. I think Panthers may finish higher than them.

    Surprised to see the Vikings doing this bad, I think it's just bad luck so far, but I haven't seen them play much.

    My 9ers don't seem to have what it takes this year, but we'll see. Kaep needs more time to season.

    I'm watching the Dodger/Braves game right now.

    Good to hear from you. Good luck w/your picks $$

  • 9erGal posted 1569 days ago


    Hey, welcome back!!! I'm on my way out the door, but I'll get back to you when I return. :)

  • 9erGal posted 1693 days ago


    Where you been, bud???

  • Amber Lee posted 1804 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there! Thanks so much for fanning me on here :) I really appreciate the support and, naturally, I've returned the tanning favor. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

    I got behind in my B/R messages in late December…and kinda of just willfully ignored the whole situation for six weeks. I feel like a jag about it, but at least I'm finally rectifying the situation.

    Anyway ;) Thanks again! And feel free to hit me up on Twitter: @Blamberr. <3

  • 9erGal posted 1823 days ago


    No that guy is a creep. I've been warned about him. I was told to stay away from him and that I should even block him. This was from a writer on the site who noticed he was posting on my bulletin board. I haven't blocked him yet because he stopped posting on my page. I will though if he does again.

  • 9erGal posted 1824 days ago


    Thank you, thank you, thank you... I was waiting for your post :) I cannot believe it. It looked like it wasn't going to happen and then we lucked out in the second half! I'm glad to see the Pats out, lol! By the way, that Jake Haap is a major loser, thanks for putting him in his place. See ya!

  • Jake Haap posted 1825 days ago

    Jake Haap

    Don't see Turtle Faced crappernick even coming close to Brady 's numbers ! You must be Gay ...LOL

  • 9erGal posted 1834 days ago


    Whooooohooo! Damn straight I'm lovin' it!!! Bummer about the Broncos though. I thought the Ravens would come out to fight.

  • Nicholas F. posted 1843 days ago

    Nicholas F.

    Check this out. Its Haters El Dorado.

    For all Pats fans out there, I found something that may interest you. In the BR article "A look inside the gmail inboxes of NFL's top free agents' , Wes Welker shows his mistrust of Brady in Dwane Bowe's inboxe. Tom Brady is attempting to get Bowe to join the team and Welker states, and I quote, "About Brady-Tom Brady may try to woo you. Don't let him fool you." Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me, look it up youself.

  • Nicholas F. posted 1844 days ago

    Nicholas F.

    9....yards....off, about......