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I am Ben Auty, born in 1982 in Hartlepool in the North East of England in the United Kingdom ... I hate writing about myself even though I am the one person in the world who cant possibly have a higher self opinion. Honestly, dont get me started, I could go all day baby !

I found Bleacher on a Facebook link, "Calling all F1 fans" was the cry, I have never clicked a link so fast. From that moment onwards I was hooked. I dont just mean a little bit hooked, this has taken over my life and all priorities have been reveiwed, sitting Bleacher very highly on the list.

I am extremely dedicated to my teams ... As you can see below I am a McLaren fan (F1) and have been for as long as I can remember, this goes right back to my childhood so I am keen to fighting their corner where possible so you will often see me trying not to be too biased towards them. Then there is my 2nd love, Hartlepool United, for those who dont know, they are a football (soccer) team here in England down in the depths of League 1, we are not so great but we do alright so keep an eye open for us.

Back to Bleacher, I took the massive responsibilty on and enjoyed becoming a columnist and community leader for the F1 community within 1 month of joining the site, so much achieved in so little time.

Onwards and upwards as they say, next step, World DOMINATION... Enjoy my work !

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