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My name is Austin Ashlock, I am a junior at Sioux Falls Washington High School where I currently hold the position of Daily Newspaper Editor of the News of Washington, our schools daily newspaper. The NOW is as of "now" the only high school in the nation that produces a paper everyday of the school year. I also assist in producing the NOW's quarterly paper that is released every nine weeks to the public. The journalism department and WHS also puts out a television program every couple weeks that showcases some of the going-on's at WHS. I can also be featured in this program starring in an end of the show commentary called "What's On My Mind". Aside from my obsession with journalism I am an avid sports fan. Being both a Green Bay Packer and Chicago Cub's fan, a lot of pride and soul is put into cheering on these two somewhat dry franchises. On the college end of sports my family, including myself, bleed Hawkeye gold due much in part to my Iowan roots. Pray for me. After I graduate high school (cross your fingers), I hope to travel out of state to study journalism. I don't even like thinking that far ahead so I will just end there, but my hopes are to get a job writing somewhere, heck anywhere. The money that will one day pay for college tuition is directly being deposited in my bank account from Avera Hosptial in Sioux Falls, where I am a food service employee. Right now I am 16 (subject to change?), hangin' out with my friends, listening to music, playing videogames, watching movies and enjoying being young. I love music, sports, movies, pretty much just regular stuff.

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