Yasir Jones

Yasir Jones


1. Sam Tighe is an awesome writer. That man knows his stuff.
2. Frank Wagner is also an amazing writer. Read his national team rankings.
3.Charles Lawley will have you laughing your ass off. Literally. Sadly, he seems to have taken a hiatus from B/R
4. Ryan Bailey is pretty funny too.
5. Samuel Mardsen gives great analysis on La Liga.
6. Arsenal fans get butthurt easy on this site.
7. The Man U fans are suprisingly nice on this site. Shout out to Mohammed Ismail and Dan Riaz.
9. Tom Carroll is a LEGEND. You'll see him in a few years tearing up EPL defenses.
10. Harry Kane is a legend as well.
11. Cartilagefreecaptain.com is a good site. CHECK IT OUT
12. I'm a Muslim and I won't hide it.
13. Tim Sherwood is a slighty crazier Harry Redknapp.
14. When are Micheal Dawson's and Aaron Lennon's testimonials? Definitely deserve ones.
16. World Cup 2014 is the year the Germans conquer the world. No killing, just blessed football.
17. Marco Reus , Mario Gotze, and Julian Draxler are going to light up Brazil.
18. Miroslav Klose will score 3 goals, thus breaking R9's record for most goals in the world cup.
19. Norman is a very great commenter here on B/R.
20. Andy Doubleday is a fellow Muslim, loyal Real Madrid fan.
21. If you're looking for the best transfer analysis, Allan Jiang is the man.
22. David Teo is an underrated Man U commenter. I guess its easy to be over shadowed by Dan Riaz in the Man U section.
23. Speaking of Dan Riaz, I like his bio format so I sorta "borrowed" it XD

Eriksen-sen-sen he's our midfield dynamite!
Eriksen-sen-sen he's our no. 23!
Eriksen-sen-sen he's a yid like you and me!
Eriksen-sen-sen he makes Ozil look like shite!!!

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  • Thomas Cooper posted 1205 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Hi Yasir, thanks for your question. I didn't realise until I rewatched some of the highlights of Spurs vs. QPR how many passes there were in the third goal. That whole passage of play emphasised what Spurs are capable of when they show the right balance between patience on the ball, and upping the speed at the right time (as they tried a few times in that move before Lamela's run eventually opened QPR up). It'll be a big test to see if they can impose themselves like that against Liverpool.

    There were a lot of fine individual performances yesterday. I was pleased for Chadli and Lamela getting to put on such a good showcase in front of their home fans. Dier definitely looks promising and Rose did all that was asked of him, and then some in the case of his excellent assist for Adebayor's goal. I was also very impressed by what Vertonghen offered, something I plan on talking about in an article posting on Tuesday.

    Yes, @Tom__C is my Twitter account. Only just realised I didn't have that listed on my profile page.

  • David Teo posted 1321 days ago

    David Teo

    Top Ten Richest Football Clubs In The World 2014:

    #10- LIVERPOOL $650 million
    #9 - MANCHESTER City $689 million
    #8 - JUVENTUS $694 million
    #7 - CHELSEA $901 million
    #6 – A.C MILAN $945million
    #5 – ARSENALVALUE $1.32 billion
    #4 – BAYERN MUNICH VALUE $1.39 billion
    #3 – BARCELONA VALUE $2.6 billion
    #2 – MANCHESTER UNITED VALUE $3.1 billion
    #1 – REAL MADRID VALUE $3.3 billion

    via ~ http://man-news.com/2014/04/29/top-ten-richest-football-clubs-world/10/

  • David Teo posted 1329 days ago

    David Teo


    LOoL :)

  • Andy Doubleday posted 1347 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Yeah, but this team still has a bunch of kinks to work out before we start thinking about anything big.

    Carvajal and Coentrao provide a beautiful balance. But I don't judge after one game, so let's see what they will do at the Anoeta. Vela and Griezmann should be a very stern test.

  • Andy Doubleday posted 1361 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Dortmund are significantly weaker than last season, and we have vastly improved. But even under those circumstances, we have a hard test in front of us. Plus, we have Sociedad in between those games (in the span of 6 days!). It will be an entertaining tie, though.

  • Kyle J. Rodriguez posted 1364 days ago

    Kyle J.  Rodriguez

    Hey Yasir, sorry about the late response. The D'Qwell Jackson contract isn't horrible, but he's been slowing down lately. I'm unsure how much of an impact he'll have. I love the Nicks pick-up, great price with huge upside and veteran reliability.

  • Norman posted 1364 days ago


    I did! The team wasn't as awful as I'd thought they would be. They actually showed spirit and could've used a better finisher than Chadli who was awful on the night. I enjoyed watching Townsend. He played like a man with purpose, out to prove everyone wrong. Chadli was awful. Sherwood has to stop starting Bentaleb. The kid is a space filler. The best he can do is not mess up, it's a plain plain tactical move. Capoue is strong and imposes himself. He can also pick the odd long pass. Either way, I don't think Sherwood will get the sack this summer even though everyone expects him to.

  • Kyle J. Rodriguez posted 1413 days ago

    Kyle J.  Rodriguez

    I definitely think they'll be able to get a safety and offensive line starter in free agency. WR and pass-rusher may be a little more difficult, and they'll likely need to go to the draft for that. Obviously that's a little hard when you only have five picks.

    I'd probably say pass rusher is the most important position of the four, but in terms of Colts needs for 2014, a starting safety is a must.

  • Kyle J. Rodriguez posted 1421 days ago

    Kyle J.  Rodriguez

    Thanks for the compliment Yasir, I appreciate it. Hope you'll keep reading this offseason!

  • Nick Akerman posted 1422 days ago

    Nick Akerman

    Hey Yasir, thanks for getting in touch.

    I am indeed a FIFA enthusiast, I've spent quite a lot of time writing about the series these last few years. I don't know if you visit IGN, but I used to pen their guides. :)

    My main gold team is a simple Bundesliga XI. Nothing fancy aside from Reus, Lewandowski and Gotze, Luiz Gustavo is arguably my most important player at CDM. I'm also using a bronze/gold MLS hybrid in online games, getting a lot of wins from them. Finally, I've got a silver/bronze Premier League hybrid.

    I've stopped playing cup/league matches for now, I find you come across a better variety of teams during single online fixtures. It's an addictive game, that's for sure!