Chris  Paul

Chris Paul


I love all New York teams, but I pay more attention to basketball than any other sport. I grew up in New York, lived here all my life, I grew up with these New York teams. The Knicks are my team and always have been even during their "dark ages". Chris Paul is my favorite player because I love the way he plays, he so efficient, unselfish, and his work ethic. If he ever comes to the Knicks then I'd be one happy person.

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  • Eric Jiang posted 1711 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    Chris, how would you like to be starting PG for my team the Springfield Emperors. How bout a 4 year $40,000,000 contract.

  • Durant the Ant posted 1735 days ago

    Durant the Ant

    Come to okc!!

  • Stone Coggins posted 1742 days ago

    Stone Coggins

    Thanks for the add man! I'm thinking about becoming a writer, a couple people have suggested I should. And I just love talking about this kind of stuff so it could be fun. And go Knicks!!

    Also, you were at the game where Carmelo hit those clutch threes? Dude, you are so lucky

  • hi hi hi posted 1744 days ago

    hi hi hi

    Just photoshop Chris Paul's jersey

  • Walter White posted 1755 days ago

    Walter White

    Did you read my comment bro?

  • Walter White posted 1756 days ago

    Walter White

    Seriously speaking know, I'm not heats and I actually know about basketball, I'm sorry if you didn't like my comment, I was just joking around.

  • IT'S YO BOI DIPSY posted 1758 days ago


    You need to involve me more on offense.

  • Mista Amazing posted 1772 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    nice!! here, i became a fan

  • Cliff Paul posted 1787 days ago

    Cliff Paul

    My goodness! Where have you been? We have to catch up. How's mom?

  • Joseph posted 1789 days ago


    @Jeremy Sartori
    He wasn't. Anyone can have any name. Even if somebody already has it.