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freelance writer. Not a few years academia, few years union construction (ironworker, apprentice carpenter, apprentice electrician).

Recently published ebook, "The Complete Guide for Successful Umpiring: How to Survive Little League Baseball and the Soccer Mom," Varsity Prints, 9/09. Wife Kathy, and for whom the book is dedicated, left us 7/31. She gave me the idea to write the book---not a few years umpiring, not a few years going to umpire clinics--she said why don't I write some lesson plans? And so it started in winter 06, gradually taking shape.

Plus, teaching 11-year-old-son Brendan how to umpire, the same year, gave me the hands-on tools, the basics for How Blue gets the job done. At the same time, he had between 50 to 70 games spring and summer (pitching or playing infield/outfield), so I had a chance to catch a lot of umps in action.

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