Steven Robinson

Steven Robinson


I LOVE my Blue Devils and my Buckeyes. I have been a fan of both since I was a kid growing up in Ohio. I love sports and think sports are the best reality shows on TV. Watching teams grow from beginning to end is awesome. I also believe Coach K may be the best coach in CBB history.

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  • Wendy Cochran posted 1619 days ago

    Wendy Cochran

    Hey....this is Chris Lane....a member of Buckeye Nation....

    B/R has been having trouble posting my comments for months now. So if you see me ask you to read a comment of mine to see if you agree or not, that comment may not be there. My comments have been posting and then 1 minute later, they just disappear. So...I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time some time.

    Don't feel too bad about having teams from all over as your favorite teams. It happens to a lot of us. I moved to Florida when I was 7 and everyone around was a Dolphin fan. My best friend and his family were from Massachusetts....and I have been a New England Pats fan ever since. Also...I first started watching College Basketball in the years of Patrick Ewing at Georgetown....So when Ewing became a Knick, I became a Knicks fan and have been ever since. When it comes to baseball, I was always a fan of the Cardinals of the mid 1980's (because they played a different brand of baseball, they stole bases and stretched singles into doubles instead of hitting home runs to score their runs), so...I have also been a lifetime Cardinals fan.

    Too bad that you are not into Buckeye Basketball. Watching the Bucks with the Eleven Warriors team stream is a fun way to talk with members of Buckeye Nation. has been nice seeing your comments in the Buckeye Football comment sections. It sucks that we have so many trolls that come there just to trash talk, but it is the price we pay for having a great team with CFB's largest fanbase.

    Take care, brother (I call everyone "brother" is a Christian thing)...I hope to see you around under either mine or my wife's name, See ya!

  • David Aldridge posted 1756 days ago

    David Aldridge

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Steven. I appreciate it!

    And thank you for being willing to regularly offer your thoughts in the comments section of my articles. It makes for fun debate and discussion and I look forward to reading what you have to say.