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What do you get when you combine Mexican, Irish and a few other cultures? Besides a drunken fight, come on guys ......

A female with exotic, sexy eyes, girl next door freckles, hips that Shakira would be envious of, the determination and drive to realize that anything is possible, the heart to know that family and friends are all that matters, the sense of freedom of riding in the back of a pickup truck with ten of my Mexican cousins and the ambition to make every dream that I have, a reality. I do not take myself too seriously and I enjoy the hell out of every moment at my one go around at this thing called life.

I am very feminine, but don't get it twisted...don't interrupt a MMA fight, a Sunday NFL game or a NBA game especially if it is the Hawks....My name is Gem and I am going to take the MMA world by storm so join me in the fun!!

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