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A boy was born without him even knowing he were. From what he learned during infancy, he was in Tarlac or so he thought basing solely on his birth certificate stating that he was really in Aquino land.

Long before blowing to his childhood the parents decided that it was time to move to the big city. So half-knowing (or did I ever knew?) what's happening he tugged along. He started schooling at 5 received the highest honors as a nursery student, went on to school at a parochial institution where he would spend 11 years of his life. Gone to college as an average student trying to learn the ropes and just finishing, pretty much losing his youth to education. Unfortunately education alone does not prepare an individual to the realities of life.

Did he learn? Yes he learned, but not as quite knowing as he do now.

I'm a Fine Arts graduate, an Adobe Photoshop-Illustrator-Flash-Dreamweaver user, a Corel Draw user, a person who loves digital arts, photography and paintings. I also blog, only for personal satisfaction. You can call me a netizen for I spend so much time on certain websites like this one. I love music, especially those with heavy vibes although some pop or rap song may catch my attention once in a while. Addicted to yesteryear's music as of the meantime. And if you don't like what I wrote... FUCK YOU and PISS OFF!

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