John Masci

John Masci


I live in a nearby suburb of Buffalo with my wife and best friend Melanie for 11 years. I have been an avid Sabres fan since the later years of Gilbert Perrault . It didn't take long for me to be come fascinated by goalies, the mysterious guys behind the mask. Among the best goaltendering tandems in NHL history was Bob Sauve and Tom Barrasso. I quickly realized the job was the most important one on the ice, requiring an intense amount of focus and concentation. As the last line of defense, the goalie has the ability to literally "steal" hockey games by "slamming the door" on opponents and completely getting into their heads.

But it was goaltender Clint Malarchuk that really grabbed my attention as a youth. Just acquired from the Washington Capitals, Clint was playing one of his first as a Sabre and was involved in a tragic incident where a player's skate caught him in the neck. He bled profucely and was escorted off the ice by an alert team of trainers and medical responders. He jugalar vein was cut and he nearly died but made a speedy recover and returned to play in a game a week later. I loved his toughness and courage to return to hockey again. He was never the same goalie since, but because I was at that tragic game it in part inspired me to become a goaltender.

During those years I was also drawn to local sports talk radio programs. I also loved Rick Jeanneret who is the best play-by-play guy in the business which made me decide to become a Broadcasting major. Though I never "make it big" I did work briefs stints at Buffalo's Sportsradio station WGR 550 AM. I worked as a Technical Producer and was on the air reporting the 20/20 sports updates.

Finances forced me to change careers and I've been working as computer technician since 2004.

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