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Freelance writer specialising in Brazilian football for ESPNfc and Sambafoot. Editor of The Elastico football blog.

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  • bj mcbear posted 137 days ago

    bj mcbear

    in regard to your article on players returning from loan, you wrote about Deulofeu: "In the Champions League next season, Everton will be keen to retain the young Spaniard a bit longer."

    i could be wrong but i didn't think everton were in the CL next year. they can't finish top 4 and city haven't been suspended for FFP (yet) as far as i'm aware

  • Mark Johnson posted 215 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    Chris, your article "Ranking the Strongest 15 Players in World Football" is racist, please remove from Bleacher Report ASAP. According to you, the strongest players in the world (non-whites) are Ibrahimovic at 11, and Chiellini at 14. Where is Hulk, Julio Baptista, Carlos Puyol, Younis name a few? I would say this makes your article subtle racism, but it's not it's just racist, period.

  • Damarques Brown posted 344 days ago

    Damarques Brown

    Do you think Playing Willian ahead of Hulk and Lucas would help Scolari in a big way? He add another dimension into the Brazil attack

  • I Arrizabalaga posted 347 days ago

    I Arrizabalaga

    This "writer" deletes comments that do not sit well with his biased agenda.

  • Jon Mancini posted 438 days ago

    Jon Mancini

    Hey Chris,

    Benfica are reportedly on the verge of signing Sao Paulo's left-back, Bruno Cortes. How do you rate him? Do you think he is good enough to play for a quality European side like Benfica?


  • rach setvens posted 461 days ago

    rach setvens

    On your bio Chris you have Tiger as being better than Jack - is that for real!

  • yank socccer fan posted 461 days ago

    yank socccer fan


    Why is Hulk not used at CF to make room for Lucas and allow Hulk to use his strength going foward at the net?

    Fred is a crafty vet but lucas and Hulk would bring more speed to the attack.

  • Chris Forero posted 472 days ago

    Chris Forero

    check out my newest article previewing Colombia vs Argentina:

  • Leonardo Gomez posted 498 days ago

    Leonardo Gomez

    Chris, what do you think of Neymar going to Barça? Obviously there are a lot of opinions, and it's a pretty polarizing topic, but most people haven't actually seen him play. Knowing you seem to be pretty knowledgable about the Brazilian League, do you think Neymar can make that jump to the European level? Or do you think he'll flop once he gets to Europe?

  • Liam Ivors posted 507 days ago

    Liam Ivors

    Vertonghen over Pique and Hummels? What have you been smoking?

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