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Indiana University Alum. Road cyclist, bourbon enthusiast, college basketball fiend and enjoyer of fine Hawaiian shirts.

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  • Will Anthony posted 1 day ago

    Will Anthony

    Dude your articles are hilarious. Especially the one about Cliff Lee.

  • Andrew Kostainsek posted 8 days ago

    Andrew Kostainsek this is my Stephen Curry career mix. It would be awesome if you could help me out and share it. thanks

  • Mike Kehlet posted 14 days ago

    Mike Kehlet

    In your article about the nasty front flip in Tour de France, you state that it is Van den Broeck that crashes, however this is not true. It is Lars Bak. Rider number 132. (

  • Marc Riddle posted 16 days ago

    Marc Riddle

    Dr. Carson:
    I just read the article about Mr. DeAngelo Williams giving up his seat to a Marine. At first I was pretty impressed; however, after looking closer at the picture, there is no way that individual in the photograph is an actual Marine.
    1) The uniform the gentleman is wearing, is the Dress Blue Blouse. This blouse can be worn with either medals or ribbons and shooting badges. Dress Blue Alphas have the medals on the left side of the blouse (as worn), and is not authorized out in town in public unless authorized in order to attend a formal event (wedding, funeral, etc). Ref: Marine Corps Order 1020.34G.
    2) When wearing Dress Blue Alphas, the ribbons that don't rate a medal (IE: Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, etc) are worn on the right side of the blouse (as worn). From the photo you can see a pistol shooting badges on the right side of the blouse. Ref: MCO 1020.34G
    3) All enlisted Marines are qualified with the service rifle (M16A2/M16A4) below the rank of Staff Sergeant (E6). Staff Non-Commissioned Officers and above qualify with the M9 service pistol yearly. Marines generally reach the rank of Staff Sergeant (E6) in 6-8 years of service. Though this gentleman is wearing the rank of a Master Gunnery Sergeant, and would qualify with the M9 service pistol, he would have qualified with a rifle at one point in his time in the Corps (or he would not have graduated boot camp).
    4) A Master Gunnery Sergeant is generally a Marine who has served our country and Corps for more than 20 years. They are the highest enlisted rank (E9) in the Marine Corps in relation to their technical Military Occupational Specialties. A Master Gunnery Sergeant is considered to be the example for all, the epitome of how a United States Marine should be. The Master Gunnery Sergeant is in charge of large sections of Marines, inspects junior Marines during uniform inspections, and are considered the absolute professionals and duty experts in their Military Occupational Specialty. Tough the gentleman appears a bit older in the photograph; a Master Gunnery Sergeant would know how to wear his uniform correctly.

    This gentleman, Mr. DeAngelo Williams gave up his seat for, does not appear to be an actual Marine; however, it is still commendable that Mr. DeAngelo Williams was willing to allow an older person to take his seat. Still a kind and generous gesture.

    Semper Fi!
    Capt Marc C. Riddle

  • Grant Shaffer posted 16 days ago

    Grant Shaffer

    Look into whether the Marine in the "RB Williams Gives Up Seat to Marine" is an actually Marine. 10 years in the Corps tells me that uniform is way off.

  • Tosh McIntosh posted 29 days ago

    Tosh McIntosh

    Dan, Regarding your article yesterday accompanying the 'Erin Andrews and Partiers' spread drinking out of the Stanley Cup, Phil Pritchard is NOT an "...NHL employee...". He is the Vice-President, Curator of The Hockey Hall of Fame, HOME of the Stanley Cup. Phil has been the Worldwide, well known 'caretaker' of Lord Stanley's mug for over twenty years. The Hockey Hall of Fame is NOT part of the NHL. It is a non-profit institution. Just saying! CHEERS!

  • Paul Hall posted 30 days ago

    Paul Hall

    Hi Dan in the Broner article i think you meant to use the word BRAKE instead of Break. Having an editor might help.

  • Roderick Carmody posted 36 days ago

    Roderick  Carmody

    Dan -- thought you might like this

    Viva Johnny Futbol

  • Elisah Vdb posted 48 days ago

    Elisah Vdb

    If you're going to post a spoiler, add a spoiler alert in the title. That's how the internet works. It's a jerk move not to. (referring to the first damn sentence of your Mountain video.)

  • Dave Burton posted 50 days ago

    Dave Burton

    Last friday, my friend Steve Brown was diagnosed with Leukemia and just started his treatment this week. Steve is a senior at James Caldwell High School and was set to play football for Lehigh University in the fall. Today, cancer survivor and Giants Linebacker, Mark Herzlich called Steve, to give him some words to help him get through this tough time. Being a cancer survivor himself, Herzlich's words impacted Steve in a tremendous way.

    Steve, who has been a longtime Giants fan tweeted this today after his call from Herzlich

    RT @steve_brown31: Sucha sick surprise to get a call from Mark Herzlich on my cell.. Someone who continues to thrive after beating cancer #cancerissoft

    Herzlich's and Steve's story deserves to be shared and it would also benefit my friend, Steve, if people heard about his story. I can be reached at my email if you have any questions regarding this story.