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Indiana University Alum. Road cyclist, bourbon enthusiast, college basketball fiend and enjoyer of fine Hawaiian shirts.

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  • Adrian Peterson posted 22 days ago

    Adrian Peterson

    Swagger section is gone and I don't even know how to get to the sports list section from the main page. What's happening?

  • Alexis Valerio posted 37 days ago

    Alexis Valerio

    Hi Dan, Just read your article if athletes had linked in profiles, and I must say, I loved your article. In fact not trying to sound pitchy at all, but my company Sqor is essentially a LinkedIn for athletes. We have over 1500 athletes, have all their stats, to all their social media engagements. Would love to chat more about this with you -

  • Doug Channell posted 37 days ago

    Doug Channell

    I’ve written a book for sports fans of all ages, entitled GeorgeAnn Baseball, that I'd like you to read!


  • John Davenport posted 37 days ago

    John Davenport

    Your not so subtle digs at Antiques Roadshow and its fans in your Boston Red Stockings memorabilia article were misplaced, Mr. Carson. I know that you wish to show yourself as a wisecracking, irreverent writer but in this case your humour was more derisive than funny. I would suggest that baseball fans are generally more interested in the history of their sport than fans of other sports are. Many of us find Antiques Roadshow interesting for the same reasons that we find baseball history interesting. I like your humour, but it would better placed without ridiculing your own readers.

  • Kevin Trower posted 44 days ago

    Kevin Trower

    There is one historical problem with your NFL video yesterday. The NFL Cardinals spent 28 years (1960-1988) in St. Louis. Otherwise a good video.

  • Q Boy posted 52 days ago

     Q Boy

    Love your articles man! just throwing this out there, copy and pasted it from a chat group.
    Payton Manning was the discusion...
    “The guy never ceases to amaze you”. The thing that amazes me is the fact that he underwent treatment that is not approved in the United States (including the NFL) and then comes back as something of a phenomenon. If Bubby Brister took the offseason to go to Europe to juice up, he would probably comeback as Rothlesburger minus the rape charges….dont get me started; Josh Gordon you pot smoking azhole. Next time Josh, take a little trip to Hampsterdam and get some stem cell work done while you are at it.

  • Will Anthony posted 57 days ago

    Will Anthony

    Dude your articles are hilarious. Especially the one about Cliff Lee.

  • Andrew Kostainsek posted 64 days ago

    Andrew Kostainsek this is my Stephen Curry career mix. It would be awesome if you could help me out and share it. thanks

  • Mike Kehlet posted 70 days ago

    Mike Kehlet

    In your article about the nasty front flip in Tour de France, you state that it is Van den Broeck that crashes, however this is not true. It is Lars Bak. Rider number 132. (

  • Marc Riddle posted 72 days ago

    Marc Riddle

    Dr. Carson:
    I just read the article about Mr. DeAngelo Williams giving up his seat to a Marine. At first I was pretty impressed; however, after looking closer at the picture, there is no way that individual in the photograph is an actual Marine.
    1) The uniform the gentleman is wearing, is the Dress Blue Blouse. This blouse can be worn with either medals or ribbons and shooting badges. Dress Blue Alphas have the medals on the left side of the blouse (as worn), and is not authorized out in town in public unless authorized in order to attend a formal event (wedding, funeral, etc). Ref: Marine Corps Order 1020.34G.
    2) When wearing Dress Blue Alphas, the ribbons that don't rate a medal (IE: Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, etc) are worn on the right side of the blouse (as worn). From the photo you can see a pistol shooting badges on the right side of the blouse. Ref: MCO 1020.34G
    3) All enlisted Marines are qualified with the service rifle (M16A2/M16A4) below the rank of Staff Sergeant (E6). Staff Non-Commissioned Officers and above qualify with the M9 service pistol yearly. Marines generally reach the rank of Staff Sergeant (E6) in 6-8 years of service. Though this gentleman is wearing the rank of a Master Gunnery Sergeant, and would qualify with the M9 service pistol, he would have qualified with a rifle at one point in his time in the Corps (or he would not have graduated boot camp).
    4) A Master Gunnery Sergeant is generally a Marine who has served our country and Corps for more than 20 years. They are the highest enlisted rank (E9) in the Marine Corps in relation to their technical Military Occupational Specialties. A Master Gunnery Sergeant is considered to be the example for all, the epitome of how a United States Marine should be. The Master Gunnery Sergeant is in charge of large sections of Marines, inspects junior Marines during uniform inspections, and are considered the absolute professionals and duty experts in their Military Occupational Specialty. Tough the gentleman appears a bit older in the photograph; a Master Gunnery Sergeant would know how to wear his uniform correctly.

    This gentleman, Mr. DeAngelo Williams gave up his seat for, does not appear to be an actual Marine; however, it is still commendable that Mr. DeAngelo Williams was willing to allow an older person to take his seat. Still a kind and generous gesture.

    Semper Fi!
    Capt Marc C. Riddle