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Dan has no control over the comment section, and would like to remind you that sports are supposed to be fun.

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  • Bob Stith posted 39 days ago

    Bob Stith

    I must admit I am confused first of all by your incorrect heading for this article. Schilling didn't compare Muslims to Nazi's. He pointed out a statistical comparison. So the question becomes "is the statistic incorrect"? If it is correct then what Schilling is pointing out is the very thing many others have called for - which is that moderate Muslims must be more proactive in distancing themselves from the radical minority. It is always sad to see so called sports venues becoming enslaved to the P.C. crowd.

  • Loring Loding posted 39 days ago

    Loring Loding

    In the Schilling article.
    The least you could have done was include in your headline that the picture he posted was referring to extremist Muslims. Not all Muslims. Your headline implied the latter. It's would be the same as quoting someone saying “white people are crazy” when they said 5% of white people are crazy”. It's funny Hillary can compare the GOP to terrorist and is cheered by the media but a baseball annalist can't say people that are trying to take over the world and kill people who wont assimilate are like the Nazis. These days the mainstream media falls considerably left of center and they don't just report the news they have to inject their feelings.

  • saDSAD SAdSADsa posted 42 days ago

    saDSAD SAdSADsa

    Its funny how it says Dan has no control over the comment section above yet 99.9% of ALL the other stories i read all have comment sections. SO is dan special that he gets to avoid the comments section????? I HIGHLY doubt this is true and he is literally using the Liberal "I have no control over it" Defense!!!!

  • saDSAD SAdSADsa posted 42 days ago

    saDSAD SAdSADsa

    Its funny how reading through the old comments for the past year MANY MANY people have complained about alot of bulkl political articles you have wirtten and then disabled the comoments section. So im confused as to why you write so many political articles on a sports site? OHHHHHHHH Probably because you have a bull crap degree or are a complete talentless writer that no real paper will give the time of day too. Good to know i was right that you are a worthless Liberal!!!!

  • saDSAD SAdSADsa posted 42 days ago

    saDSAD SAdSADsa

    Its funny how a piece of shit liberal doesnt leave a comment section on a supposidly racist story. Typical Liberal who only wants to hear his own opinions no one elses opinion matters. What schilling posted was of color yes but there was zero in the Meme that false. That literally was the truth. Not all germans supported the Nazi's at first but it grew like a wild fire. How about you educate yourself with out your rose colored Liberal Glasses on. The world will NEVER sit around a campfire singing kumbya and holding hands so why dont Liberals like you just get over it? There will always be war and men who kill the weak to profit that will never end. Not all muslims are terrorist and he never said they were he basiclly just said that the numbers grew in germany just like they are today which is a FACT Liberals dont like to believe. IF it wasnt true then explain ISIS rapid growth in the past 12 months? Nazi Propaganda was the biggest contributing factor to turning all germans pro Nazi just like ISIS Propaganda is the biggest contributing factor to ISIS Growth now. That is a 100% FACT....Should he have gotten involved? Probably not but was he racist? NOT AT ALL. considering what was posted was the truth. But i keep forgetting that LIBERALS dont care for the truth., you are educated on waht a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy told you.....

  • Richard Griffith posted 84 days ago

    Richard Griffith

    Trump is a jerk, no question. However he was talking about illegal immigration not all Mexicans. You know that .

  • alex 12 posted 119 days ago

    alex 12

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  • Chef Steph posted 130 days ago

    Chef Steph

    Lol, thanks for posting my comment on ur twitter dan!! :)

  • Andy Garcia posted 148 days ago

    Andy Garcia

    You're trash. What a joke. If you can't respect others, have some respect for yourself.

  • Barry InBtown posted 168 days ago

    Barry InBtown