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  • Andy Soucek posted 1998 days ago

    Andy Soucek

    Hey Booth, thanks for the read and the lengthy response! You bring up some good points in the post. I agree that Sting seems to be in better shape than Taker, but I just question if he has the desire in joining WWE beyond maybe a couple big match ups. He reportedly makes $500,000 a year in TNA to show up at the Impact Zone 20-30 times a year. He seems to be comfortable with his lax schedule.

    I hope my point of view doesn't come off as pro WWE. I was trying to write from how I thought Vince McMahon would book the show and not how I would do it. I just feel he'd treat the product even worse than he did WCW since he's never worked with some of TNA's biggest homegrown talent.

    I go back and forth, but since post Wrestlemania I think TNA has had the more consistently entertaining program (at least when Garrett Bischoff isn't on screen!). What they're doing with Aries, Storm and Roode has been pretty entertaining.

    I think TNA will mostly likely be around for years, but I think I may also write an article from the other perspective if TNA bought out WWE and how they would book it.

    Thanks for the feedback!