David Quadrini

David Quadrini


Age: 34
Born: Providence, Rhode Island
Education: life to this point

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  • Patrick Read posted 3254 days ago

    Patrick Read


    you changed Clemens uni? Was it because of the final game jab? I emailed his agent again last night...prepping for the off season brother. The Yanks fired their pen coach - no anyone who wants to retire and then coach? :o)


    As long as you're going to cover the O's - Burgess is a cool dude on that team of writers (LJ?)...I am already talking about a Cano for Roberts trade. Thoughts?

  • 4-6-3 posted 3269 days ago



    Are you still interested in becoming an Orioles CL? I gave you a great opportunity to get started with the Roundtable, but it doesn't look like you wanted it. Let me know if I should still consider you in the running.


  • Bleacher Report posted 3274 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Is that the answer to all 6?

  • Bleacher Report posted 3275 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Hey Rory told me to contact you about the roundtable. Answer these six in like a paragraph.

    1) should the o's go after free agents?
    2) how long should we re-sign rising stars (i.e. Markakis, Guthrie, Jones)
    3) who should the o's draft?
    4) should we start wieters next year?
    5) should we trade anyone?
    6) where should we put matusz next year?

    thanks, answer them as quickly as you can.

  • 4-6-3 posted 3275 days ago



    Looking forward to your O's analysis! Glad to have you on board.

  • Patrick Read posted 3360 days ago

    Patrick Read

    I called to get comments about the articles I discussed with you today. Called RH, 22 Foundation, McCrdy attorney and 22's agent too.
    Waiting 24 hrs for any e-mail response and then running the 3 discussed.

  • Patrick Read posted 3443 days ago

    Patrick Read

    The jersey is mine, all mine! LOL Actually they are both mine..mine...mine i say! ;o)
    I acutally saw a guy at the hearing, who had in his mits a Clemens collector item...and didn't have Roger sign it! Even when asked! lol I talked to the guy, it ends up he didn't know he had a collectors item at all. ;O)
    Post up your article my friend. Did you read that Hardin is filing a defamition suit over the McCready story? This came about after we talked about it last Thurs. Remember the text I sent you? the McCready sales job is exactly what journalist are supposed to be leary of, and the reason for editors...to fact check.
    Journalism is considered Pre-Law for this very reason: libel, slander, and false light; all covered under defamation. So it may well turn up that the NY Daily News will not only fund McNamees' defense (how else do you think that "McNamee the broke" is paying for his 2 new private dicks?), now they will most likely settle out of court and end up funding Clemens' legal fees as well. What is good for the "long mustached" Goose, is good foe the gander! They must be making a mint off of this "suit."