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Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time out to read my articles - hopefully I'm a Yankees fan who can offer an opinion with a bit of a twist, something different from the norm.

I'm not your average Yankees fan; I'm British and have been brought up to be a big soccer fan, and am now a sports writer in the north of England for a weekly newspaper called the Wakefield Express. Safe to say we don't cover baseball...

The origin of my love for baseball, and the Yankees, is pretty unknown; I've managed to catch plenty of games over here on television, but it was only when I had the opportunity to jet across the pond to see the Yanks in action at the new Yankee Stadium early in 2009 that my love for the club, and the game, really set in.

I'm sure I share one thing at least with all the Yankees fans reading my articles in the feeling of walking into that brand spanking new stadium for the very first time; it reminded me of the first time I first stepped foot inside a soccer stadium, and it told me that I somehow belonged there as a sports fan.

That game, against the Nationals in June 2009, saw torrential rain force a five-hour plus rain delay before play eventually got underway, and the Yanks ended up losing 3-0 against what was deemed as a weak Washington side, resulting in their first homerless game at the new stadium.

It did little to dampen my spirits for the Yankees though - I loved every minute of it, delay included, and that's why I'm here on bleacher report writing about Yankees and the goings-on in baseball.

I guess I'm what you'd call a rookie to sports writing for US sports, it's a fair bit different from the British way of writing, but my aim is to one day write for a North American newspaper or magazine on the game I'm quickly growing to love.


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