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The Villain

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Back after an year.

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  • Ryan Dilbert posted 9 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Had the days mixed up. It's up today:

  • Ryan Dilbert posted 11 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    I think I don't show up there because I don't qualify as a lead writer. Not sure. Doesn't matter to me.
    As for Kalisto, working on something for him tomorrow afternoon. Fantasy booking piece.

  • Randy Norton posted 312 days ago

    Randy Norton

    How are you Doing Bro ?

  • Ryan Dilbert posted 313 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Hey thanks. Cool that someone is noticing.

  • Randy Norton posted 313 days ago

    Randy Norton

    MITB Predictions ?

  • Randy Norton posted 317 days ago

    Randy Norton

    A Villain has arrived . And Now it's time to rebel against this Evil Lurking Shadow. BEWARE OF THE VILLAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randy Norton posted 319 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Thoughts On Payback ?

  • Shin Mudhar posted 319 days ago

    Shin Mudhar

    Hey yes I'm from India... Punjab. ;)

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 328 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    Another new one up. "Musings on WWE".

  • Alex Riley is the best 2.0 posted 330 days ago

    Alex Riley is the best 2.0

    Hey did you ever watch the Raylight Reel? Would you like to see it return?