Louis Rainier Alcindor

Louis Rainier Alcindor


Real Name: Ray Anthony Claravall Banez

Born March 1977 in Ilagan Isabela NorthEastern Philippines

The only Child of Laoag Cesar Layugan Banez and Virginia Battad Claravall

Graduated Grade School and High School at Saint Ferdinand College Ilagan Isabela

Studied AB Political Science at The Far Eastern University Manila Philippines

Played Basketball from 1980 to 2005

Trained for Professional Super Middle Weight Boxing 2002 -2005

Started Olympic WeightLifting October 2009

Married with Four children

Filed my Certificate of Candidacy on October 5 2012 for the Philippine House of Representatives 2013 Elections only to be Petitioned for Disqualification by my Influential Opponent.

Currently tending my private business (commercial stalls for rent) and my small gym

Facebook: Louis Rainier Alcindor (people & page)
Louis Rainier B. Alcindor (people & page)

Google Plus: Louis Rainier Alcindor

Twitter: @LincolnAlcindor

YouTube: alcindorlewisrainier's channel

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