I'm a football addict and adore writing about it.

You have to go back 17 years since I was employed to write about football. Since then my life has taken many twists and turns both personally and professionally, but in December 2012, Bleacher Report offered me the opportunity to revisit my passion and I haven't looked back since.

I’m 38-years-old, live in Manchester, England and my predominant obsession is the legendary Manchester United. That said, I write objectively and from my heart about all football clubs—not only in the English Premier League, but throughout Europe and across the World.

So thank you for the reads, the comments and the occasional warranted or unwarranted abuse—it’s always much appreciated!

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  • Damien Woods posted 1810 days ago

    Damien Woods

    No need to thank me.
    I'm doing Law here atm, and i'm loving it so far. Definitely don't regret joining it.
    Yeah hopefully, mate.
    I'm extremely jealous that you attended the Champions League final in 99! That must've been epic.
    Sorry for the late reply, was on holiday.

  • Damien Woods posted 1827 days ago

    Damien Woods

    You're on fire Jonathan. Some great articles recently, keep it up!