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Riley Blair


Riley Blair has done absolutely nothing of consequence in the short time he has lived on this planet. He attempts to be as involved in the MMA world as he can be, despite his only available free time being plagued by that damned biological necessity of sleep. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, if you're not a fan) he gets his MMA fill while on his other jobs. Huzzah for insubordination!

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  • Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr posted 1413 days ago

    Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr

    Ohhhhhhhhh that one. That was a good rhyme too. Moderation staff here can't even appreciate well-timed Thatch/Snatch jokes...I just don't get it anymore. Aint nobody gonna hold our throbbing boners/wet snatches down.

  • Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr posted 1414 days ago

    Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr


    Which one? Old dude casually masturbating in the alley GIF? That was going to be my opus, man.

  • Black Widow posted 1427 days ago

    Black  Widow

    Hi Riley,

    I am here to let you know that I really appreciate the feedback for my comment in this article:

    I however, need an enlightenment here. What do you mean by this statement:
    " Definitely was a step back in a better direction."

    Perhaps you want to elaborate more?

  • ColeYote posted 1496 days ago


    I wanted to clear up that I was talking about Randy Rivera in that comment on the Mitrione article. And I have since deleted that comment to avoid future confusion. You actually seem fairly intelligent to me, it's Randy's rants on liberal conspiracies that had me pissed off.

  • Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr posted 1565 days ago

    Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr

    Ah yeah, that bitch is me. I thought you meant under a different username.

    F words seem to be my general undoing here on B/R.

  • Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr posted 1566 days ago

    Georges St. Purrrrrrrrrr

    I guess people just weren't ready for that discussion. Specifically the people that moderate and ban accounts. But wait...what second account are you talking about though because I only use this one.

  • Levi Nile posted 1721 days ago

    Levi Nile

    To add, another thing to consider when looking at a certain situation deemed "Fluke" by many is to ask: "Is it correctable?" For me, when thinking about a fluke, it speaks to an idea that a fighter suffered in some way or by some means that are totally unaccountable and unavoidable. Hope that makes sense.

    Let's finish this discussion via messages. I don't want to turn your profile page into a ledger LOL.

  • Levi Nile posted 1721 days ago

    Levi Nile

    Hey Riley, how is it going?

    What I am saying is that, in the instance of Lindland vs. Frankie V, the slam was not a fluke, but an error on the part of Lindland, simple as that.

    For me, it is about accountability. It would be a fluke if I stepped into the ring with Jon Jones and KO'd him, because I don't know what I am doing and he is the champion. But in professional MMA, I have yet to see a fluke. I've seen accidents, and I've seen lapses in judgement and preparedness, not to mention hubris and overconfidence, but I am honestly hard pressed to remember a single time that I have seen a fluke.

    People say that Randleman's first win over Cro-Cop was a fluke, and it wasn't. They say the same about Arlovski knocking out Roy Nelson, and that wasn't a fluke, either. Even the second fight between Couture and Belfort, when Couture got his eye lid cut by the glove lacing, wasn't a fluke -- it was Couture trying to slip a punch on his way inside and not slipping it enough.

    But I enjoy talking about this with you, and I think perhaps together we can discover some things that shed new light on the subject. God knows I've been wrong about things before LOL.

  • Levi Nile posted 1723 days ago

    Levi Nile

    Hey Riley,

    I deleated that article because the Content & Standard team didn't like my photo's for the piece, and replaced them with photos that I thought were just awful.

    But NO, there are no real flukes in the actual fighting aspects of combative sports.