WM should end with Taker and Sting staredown.

WM should end with Taker and Sting staredown.

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Sheamus vs Cesaro World Heavyweight Title Match
Undertaker vs Sting Retire casket match
Triple H vs Bad News Barret Authority out of power
Brock Lesnar vs John Cena
Aj Lee vs Paige vs Naomi vs Charlotte Divas championship match
Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler Intercontinental Championship match
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton Number one contendership
Rusev vs Ryback US championship
Tag team championship match
Andre the Giant Batle Royal M.
Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

The bad thing about WWE been scripted is that we always try to recreate in our minds how things should happen and when things dont go the way we want we complain and say things are wrong or bad, we do not give the WWE the chance to do things the way they want and for that reason we dont enjoy most of the things. I am dissapointed with the current product, but i am more disapointed with the WCW and Indie wrestling fans ruining the fan of the real WWE Fans. Dont know if the match between Roman and Lesnar will be good, and we all are making up our mind that it wont work. Just because we dont have it our way.

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  • Superman Reigns One Versus All posted 11 hours ago

    Superman Reigns One Versus All

    Your name, it might happen, but on Raw the Next Night.....and hello

  • I'm supporting Ambrose. Ambrose can elevate IC title as well if booked properly. Though I'm seeing Bryan winning it. I've a similar thoughts on Wyatt vs Taker. Wyatt needs the win more than Taker but as a huge taker fan, I don't want the streak to go 21-2. I just hope Wyatt to look good even if he is losing. Also it seems unlikely that Taker will lose again.

  • Who are you supporting in Taker vs Wyatt and Ladder match?

  • Y2B posted 3 days ago


    I did yo. After free November I let it go, but I decided to get it again in January for the road to Rasselmania!!!! I may end up keeping it, once WWE keeps me interested!

  • I am. Its Wrestlemania baby.

  • Ready for WM fella?
    Great booking list above. +1.

  • Balor is Bae posted 4 days ago

    Balor is Bae


  • bruce wayne posted 5 days ago

    bruce wayne

    yeah i know it's been a while man but i am back fella

  • Y2B posted 5 days ago


    Assuming the booking is right lol. Cesaro and Sheamus would murder each other. Sheamus will turn red lol.

    As much as I agree, they tend to declare the Royal Rumble winner as going to the main event of Wrestlemania, so that is why I guess I sometimes get upset when they don't put them in the main event. I always felt like Rey Mysterio should have been the close of Wrestlemania 22. Yes Triple H-Cena was a big one, but the whole concept was about the dedication to Eddie, which I hated because it felt like Rey was pushing it too much, but still, you know, the idea behind it should have been for him.

    But yeah, the booking for Lesnar and Reigns, they should just put it on the pre show. Sting-HHH, Face-Future, Wyatt-Taker and the IC title match all seems very entertaining. I WATCHED WRESTLEMANIA 21 LAST NIGHT ON THE WWE NETWORK. Man, those were the days. I hope the ladder match is similar to the first MITB match. Shelton was a beast!

  • bruce wayne posted 5 days ago

    bruce wayne

    hey fella