Sheamus  Cesaro is good for business

Sheamus Cesaro is good for business

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I am not a people pleaser, i say things as i feel, sometimes i am hard and not because i like to be controversial but because i don't feel the need to lie in order to get some friends and simpathy wich for many makes me an annyoing person LOL; i can deal with that because i think that If i will only get one like for being real that's the like i want. My Favorite wrestler of all time is the Undertaker.
List of favorites:
1-Undertaker(Is the undertaker, what else to say?)
2-Sheamus(Because he is the only guy to give the big show the match of night on a ppv; he can have a good match against anybody)
3-Triple H(Because he is the best heel of the last 20 years)
4-Orton (He is just awesome in the ring and can play several characters with perfection like the Legend Killer, the Viper, The Authority's puppet etc.
5- Brock Lesnar (He is the beast incarnate!!!)
6- Rollins((For me Rollins is the best Wrestler of the WWE right now, with the most dinamic moveset and the best seller)
7- Ambrose (He is the best character face of the roster, i am not sure he could be as good as a heel, because it will be hard for the fans to boe him, this guy is the real deal)
8- Reigns (Reigns is the real bad ass)

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  • bruce wayne posted 3 hours ago

    bruce wayne

    yeah i hope that too ... but why did brock break the streak he has nothing to prove ... after a year he will not be in wwe .... roman reigns should have ended the streak

  • Legend Heel posted 8 hours ago

    Legend Heel

    To answer your question, I started with the screename Legend Killer until I realized another member was using the same name. Now, I am Legend Heel.

  • bruce wayne posted 1 day ago

    bruce wayne

    yeah it was shocking ... i am afraid he may win at noc

  • bruce wayne posted 2 days ago

    bruce wayne

    lol john cena officially burried whole wyatt family

  • bruce wayne posted 4 days ago

    bruce wayne

    a little busy these days but i am back buddy

  • bruce wayne posted 5 days ago

    bruce wayne

    yeah u r right

  • Randy Norton posted 5 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Randy Norton posted 6 days ago

    Randy Norton

    I don't know . All she does nowadays is Troll me with his friends. Eg: RN SAWFT.

  • Celtic Woman posted 6 days ago

    Celtic Woman

    "I know Julia is troll but when she is not on trolling mode talking to her is actually very nice."

    Likewise and I am flattered. Once we cracked that shell, you were pretty reasonable and nice to talk to, after all we do have the Shield guys and Sheamus in common so you know your stuff. That's for sure.

  • Celtic Woman posted 6 days ago

    Celtic Woman

    "With this nickname and this picture, i think i am falling for you Julia." Thanks! Not to sound corny but you and some other guys made me realized why I liked Sheamus in the first place. He is an incredible worker, hands down.