No Sheamus no Orton  not watching.

No Sheamus no Orton not watching.

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I am not a people pleaser, i say things as i feel, if you like it good, if you dont, is your right. I am huge fan of the Yankees, i like Lebron but the Miami heat more, i love the WWE, dont really know why since the lost their love for their fans, the way they book their show tells you they are not trying, the WWE is good recognizing talent but is great wasting it also. My guy Sheamus is the big example for that.
He was really over when he started his World title reign(despite the 18 seconds "good" idea), but they thought it was a good idea to give him a 5 months rivalry with Alberto del Rio and then have him beat midcarders every week with no real feuds or story behind it. If you dont have an storyline it wont matter if you win all of the matches you participate in, nobody will care. You are more relevant when you lose a feud than when you win random matches against guys on the lower card, how can that really help or keep you relevant? if you win the matches they become predictable and if you lose them, you wont be seen as a top guy.
Then they will say you were not over enoug or that you were not good enough. Pathetic. Sheamus should be glad to be top 5 guy in merchandise sell on Arenas and still has support from a good portion of the crowd. Not to mention the millions of facebook and twitter fans he has.
Undertaker(Dont need to say anything, is taker)
Sheamus(He can have a good match against pretty much anyone(even, Big Show, Ryback and Sandow)
HHH (The best heel of the last 20 years, even today he can make people hate him)
Orton (The best Viper, Authority's puppet, Legend Killer and Apex Predator, he can do everything, he will get into your skin)
Seth Rolling and Dean Ambrose (I like Rollins because he is awesome in the ring and Ambrose because he is the real deal, dont know wich one pic above the other, both are great)
Roman Reigns(He is good, but he will be better)

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  • Bad News Barrett posted 10 hours ago

    Bad News Barrett

    No Sheamus no Orton but SS was great still.

  • Randy Norton posted 18 hours ago

    Randy Norton

    Great Name ;)

  • bruce wayne posted 3 days ago

    bruce wayne

    its st.louis and there is no orton ... wwe logic .. even sting didn't get that much great ovation ... orton's pop could have been monstrous

  • bruce wayne posted 3 days ago

    bruce wayne

    u there bro ?? no orton even i am sad

  • bruce wayne posted 4 days ago

    bruce wayne

    buddy i am back .... lack of randy orton on the show pissed me

  • Y2B posted 14 days ago


    Yeah, I guess that is the same faith that awaits Cesaro, but I am mostly disappointed at the disrespect to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. If Cesaro is not involved in anything big come Wrestlemania season, I don't see how we should be excited for that match if it does not elevate you. Unless Cesaro gets involved and wins it a second time. Then, the following night on Raw declares that he got lazy last year, but this year he is going to battle harder. This trophy means a lot to him! Then he gets his huge push. Only plan I see for them.

    UNLESS. All of this was to throw us from Cesaro winning the Royal Rumble lol.

  • Y2B posted 16 days ago


    I will admit, they did build Survivor Series well. It just felt a bit tedious for 3 hours. It wasn't bad though, but still so far, nothing has lived up to that Raw where we had a zillion matches back to back. That super RKO on Ziggler.

    I guess I may be a bit overly critical as of late given that Cesaro is being buried. :(

  • bruce wayne posted 16 days ago

    bruce wayne

    yeah it was good .. rise of ryback

  • Y2B posted 17 days ago


    I didn't really enjoy Raw due to the lack of matches we had. I spent more time browsing the net and reading comments on here, but the show was not too bad. The ending was nice, especially how Ryback got put over. I enjoyed the build of Authority vs. Rebellion, I was praying for Sheamus not to be involved in that match, but I guess it is logical that he got involved. What did you think about it?

  • Bad News Barrett posted 17 days ago

    Bad News Barrett

    That was the highlight of the night for me.