I like Sheamus Cena and Reigns are you not entertained

I like Sheamus Cena and Reigns are you not entertained


Sheamus vs Cesaro World Heavyweight Title Match
Undertaker vs Sting Retire casket match
Triple H vs Bad News Barret Authority out of power
Brock Lesnar vs John Cena
Aj Lee vs Paige vs Naomi vs Charlotte Divas championship match
Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler Intercontinental Championship match
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton Number one contendership
Rusev vs Ryback US championship
Tag team championship match
Andre the Giant Batle Royal M.
Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

The bad thing about WWE been scripted is that we always try to recreate in our minds how things should happen and when things dont go the way we want we complain and say things are wrong or bad, we do not give the WWE the chance to do things the way they want and for that reason we dont enjoy most of the things. I am dissapointed with the current product, but i am more disapointed with the WCW and Indie wrestling fans ruining the fan of the real WWE Fans. Dont know if the match between Roman and Lesnar will be good, and we all are making up our mind that it wont work. Just because we dont have it our way.

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  • Randy Norton posted 21 hours ago

    Randy Norton

    Good man. It was solid . WWE PPV's are always solid. Favorite match was the fatal four way match , tag match was good , Wyatt/Back was good , Rusev Vs Cena was average. Crowd was decent too. Your thoughts ?

  • Y2B posted 2 days ago


    I missed the pre-show actually. Was in traffic... ON A BLOODY SUNDAY! lol. What did you think of it? Lately, I am happy to see WWE Pushing their mid card guys.

  • Brady is SAWFT posted 3 days ago

    Brady is SAWFT

    How was Payback?

  • Australian posted 3 days ago


    Hey mate. Thought Payback was a great show. Some very entertaining matches. Most results went the way they were expected but I was impressed with most performances.

  • Y2B posted 3 days ago


    Yo what's up Name Changer!

    First and foremost, Payback was awesome. BECAUSE I, Y2B, PROVED TO THE WORLD that you can either be.... or Y2B. If you just be, you are stagnant. You achieve nothing. The world revolves around you, but when you are Y2B.... YOU DO. And when you perform actions, you accomplish things. You revolve the world. And I Y2B had Payback, when I once again reclaimed my rightful place... AS THE TOP COMMENT!!!! Haters have voted against me, but I had not a plan A or a plan B, but a plan Y2B. And I once again ROSE.... At Payback!!!!

    Haha. Payback was awesome. I missed the pre-show. Tuned in just as the Fall of Mandow was struck... but I gather I didn't miss much? Stardust-R Truth sounded dull and well I heard the Sandow match was short. All in all, sucks that they are killing Sandow like this, after undoing all the crap they did with him.

    As we are on the negatives, Cena-Rusev sucked to me. I hated the match. I lost interest after the millionth "YOU WANNA QUIT?". Then my sister and I began, "WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!" lol.

    Ah the positives. Well I love how lately Mid card guys are getting more time. The tag title match was awesome despite the couple of botches. Bray-Ryback delivered and I think exceeded expectations. The other matches were good but not too explosive, and BNB has been ULTRA boring again. WWE needs to fix this.

    As for the Fatal Four Way. Fun. Entertaining. Decent energy, but overbooked. The minute Kane came out before the match, I knew what we were in for. I am sick and tired of Kane and J&J Secruity. I get it, Rollins is a heel and needs help, BUT GEEZ. Can't he do other things? Roll up with ropes. Tights pull. Steel chair shot behind ref's back? I am sick and tired of Kane and J&J... HELL... BRING BIG SHOW BACK FAST. It will be fresh to see Big Show helping Rollins lol.

  • Brady is SAWFT posted 7 days ago

    Brady is SAWFT

    Youre apart of the IWC in general. FACT Your other accounts though

  • Australian posted 9 days ago


    I am looking forward to Sheamus moving back up the card again. Looking forward to the possibilities available. Sheamus v Reigns, Sheamus v Rollins and Sheamus v Orton would be my favoured feuds. Happy for him to shine in the mid card role he's currently playing also. He's been back to his brilliant best in this feud with Ziggler. Ziggler has looked second rate. I hope Sheamus makes mince meat of him at Payback.

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 10 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    Indy is the correct spelling.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy posted 11 days ago


    Obviously these indy guys must be real talented if HHH keeps signing them.

  • Bad King Barrett posted 12 days ago

    Bad King Barrett

    For me he is the current best seller in WWE. Not the best wrestler. Many times Ziggler was given a push and most of the time he himself screws it by saying bad about company, Randy Orton etc. Current WWE won't make him face but he could have been much bigger if it wasn't for his loudmouth.